January 2014 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Rock to the Beat

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By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
For the rock, dancers stand slightly hunched over, relaxed and with feet together. On the 1, they bop the head backward (not forward as they’re often inclined to do) and continue bopping back to front with the beat.

Once they’ve got the back-front movement, have the students rock their head in a V shape (i.e., up and back to the right, down and front in the center, up and back to the left). They should step to the side on the right foot on 1, and hold that position for eight beats while the head V-rocks from right to left eight times.

From this position, begin the shoulder rock. Start by swinging the right shoulder forward as the head rocks right. Then the left shoulder swings forward while the right shoulder pushes backward; and the head rocks left. Do this for eight counts.



Tip 2
For a battle rock, add footwork. From a center point, the students will work four directions—front, side, back, and repeat side. Starting the rocking motion with the head, neck, and shoulders, they lunge forward with the right foot on the 1 (leaving the left foot on the center point), turning the body left and opening the arms to the sides. Return to center and lunge forward on the left foot, turning to the right and opening arms again. Return to center and lunge out to each side, right and left directions, then back on each foot, then repeating side lunges to the right, then left.