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Mail | March-April 2008


Words from our readers

Your magazine has surpassed all magazines. It is wonderful, a collector’s item. I tear out articles in other magazines, but yours stays intact and I save the whole thing for future reference. I would also like to thank you for the articles on older teachers and selling, etc. [Studio Owners in Transition, Dance Studio Life, October 2007]. They have become invaluable in my decision to downsize. Thank you so much for the inspiration. After 30-odd years of running a studio I am focusing again on what I really want to do, and that is teach dance.
Morwenna Assaf
Art/Dance Academy, Oceanside, CA

I was very upset to see the article in Thinking Out Loud, “Lift a Rock, Watch the Sky,” by Ann Murphy [Dance Studio Life, October 2007]. This article highlighted a very negative and erroneous statement about the Catholic Church. Negative and attacking comments about any church have no business in a dance publication.

The sentence “The Catholic Church of my childhood frowned on dance” is simply not true! Dance in most Catholic churches is not used during the Mass, [which] is a time to calm our mind and body and give thanks and praise to the Lord. Dance and performances take our attention off the Lord and onto the performers. We as Catholics have always been free to dance to our heart’s content outside of Mass.

I fully understand the Church’s limitation on anything that causes us to lose our focus on God during our time of prayer. God bless you and please respect the faith of others in the future.
Ginnie Meyer
Hoffman Estates, IL

Editor’s note: In Thinking Out Loud, writers express their opinions and personal experiences. We do not censor their viewpoints, which do not reflect the opinions of anyone affiliated with Dance Studio Life.

I was so happy to read your article “Teaching With Love” [Dance Studio Life, November 2007]. I always felt that I was the odd teacher out since I never have followed the “old school” way of teaching. I feel that every child has a unique way of processing information and varying degrees of ability to reproduce what they are shown. Negativity only brings down their self-esteem and kills the love they have for what they are doing. No dancer should be left out or behind! This has been tested this year as I was seriously injured in a car accident in October and the teacher who has been teaching my students is of the “old school.” I have been grateful for her help because otherwise I would have had to shut down [my school]. The children have had a hard time adjusting to the changes and many have dropped out, saying they will return when I do.

Thanks again for your article; it was much needed at this time in my life!
Amanda LeVasseur
Dance Alley SE, Winter Haven, FL

Your magazine is a perfect literary medium for dance studio teachers and owners. I find valuable information in it every month. With that being said, I had to email you in regard to your editorial column this month [On My Mind, Dance Studio Life, December 2007]. December is the most hectic and stressful month for me. But reading your letter inspired me to give myself permission to let something go and I found the stress floating away. I told my students that pre-choreographing their dances would have to be put on hold. They were all so kind and supportive. So thanks for a great magazine and especially for that letter.
Nancy Chippendale
Nancy Chippendale’s Dance Studios, North Andover, MA

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think the December [2007] issue is. All the stories on tap! Finally—someone noticed tap dancing.
Debbi Dee
Boca Raton, FL

A standing ovation for “What Are Parents Thinking?!” in this month’s [December 2007] Dance Studio Life. Forget leaving the issue open to that page in the lobby—I am wallpapering with that thing!
Suzanne Citere
Realdance, Lighthouse Point, FL

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Dance Studio Life. The articles are so varied and yet so relative to what we do every day. Bravo! Please keep Diane Gudat writing! Tuesday afternoon got off to a laughing start when I read her article [“What Are Parents Thinking?!”] to the staff before class. We love her!
Sharon DiCrosta
The Dancer’s Studio, North Haven, CT

While reading Diane [Gudat]’s article [“What Are Parents Thinking?!”], I was either crying from laughing so hard or cheering! Thanks for the chuckles, and yes, it does make me feel better to know that others are suffering from being subjected to the same parental madness! My office staff wants to change the schedule to read: “Advanced Ballet 1, Advanced Ballet 2, Advanced Ballet 3,” etc. That way [the students] can all be advanced!

Also, thanks so much for the article on Tap the Map [FYI, November 2007]. Anthony Russo is my son. My dad was paging through Dance Studio Life and saw the Tap the Map logo. He immediately thought that someone had stolen Anthony’s idea! So he started reading the article and of course found Anthony’s name. It was a proud moment for grandpa!
Tracy Davenport
Performing Arts Centre, Inc., St. Charles, MO


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