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Humor & Heartstrings | August 09


3, 2, 1
I was teaching a 3- and 4-year-old class and we were doing egg rolls. Since the class was crowded, each student was supposed to do just one. One student proudly announced that she was going to do three and held up three fingers. I held up one finger and said, “No, the class is crowded today, so let’s only do one.” Being the natural negotiator a 3-year-old can be, she held up two fingers and said, “Two.” I held up one finger and said, “One.” She sighed and agreed—and promptly flipped me the bird! My teenage assistant and I were both shocked and tried not to laugh. Just to give the small-fry the benefit of the doubt, I asked her how many again, and she flipped me the bird a second time!

Joanna Furman-Markowitz
Orange County School of Dance,
Monroe, NY

Bathroom ballet
When 3-year-old Madison Sugg’s mother took her into the handicapped bathroom, her eyes widened and she squealed with delight: “Look, Mom, there’s a ballet barre in here.”

Shelia Sumpter

MusicWorks! Studio of Performing Arts,
Waynesville, NC

I thought I had a good bra
I was teaching a 4-year-old class and trying to get them to hold their arms still as they jumped. I did it with them and said, “See how I hold my arms still?” One girl said, “Miss Jeanne, your arms are still, but your boobs sure aren’t.”

Jeanne Szkolka
Columbia Dance Academy,
Columbia, MO

Pole dancing
My 8-year-old niece takes dance from me at my studio. One day she was at my house for a visit, and out of the blue, she said “Aunt Sheryl, next year can you teach me pole dancing?” For a moment I was taken aback—you should have seen the look on my sister-in-law’s face. Priceless! Then it dawned on me that I had recently pulled some props out of the prop room. What she really wanted was to learn a “cane dance.” So I granted her request and am teaching her “pole dancing” this year.

Sheryl Einhardt
Dance Expressions Dance Studio,
St. Clair Shores, MI

Music whiz
I was taking a class of 7-, 8-, and 9-year-olds to see a performance of The Nutcracker. I talked to the children about the ballet and then asked them if they knew who wrote the music. After a few moments of silence a little hand went up. “Gloria Estefan?” she asked.

Joanne Meade
Joanne’s Dance Studio 4,
Castle Rock, CO

Strip tease
During a class with young dancers in one of my first years of teaching, my music stopped and I ran to the stereo to change the CD. When I turned back around, one of the little dancers was skipping around the classroom, pink bodysuit in hand and wearing only tights, while the other dancers giggled. I did learn a lesson that day: All music for the young dancers’ classes needs to be on one continuous CD.

Jamie Lynn Shurtleff
Rosemary’s School of Dance Education, Warren, RI
Greendale Dance Academy, Worcester, MA

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