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Mail | December 09


Words from our readers

The magazine gives me inspiration, keeps me grounded, and gives me teaching suggestions. I enjoy the techniques section where teaching skills (how to improve turns, body alignment, and the like) are explained. I also like the articles that feature suggestions on how to create music collections and use technology for performances. I am too much of a people pleaser sometimes, so the magazine helps me deal with “letting some students go” or not trying to be all things, how to enforce dress codes without being crazy, and things like that. Thanks.
Cyndy Shreffler
Ballet Shreffler
Troy, OH

Readers respond to Diane Gudat’s story, “Dance Studio Lingo,” October 2009

Share this one with my friend Diane; we had many great years judging together. “Shower step”: a tap step choreographed in the shower—a great combo but somehow virtually impossible to do when not soaking wet. When I came in with a new combo, my students always knew if I created it in the shower!
Danie Beck
Dance Unlimited
Miami, FL

Loved this! What you call “Ara-second” we call “Sec-abesque.” We also have “piquévé,” which is doing a piqué by climbing up onto a bent leg first and then straightening it.
Love the “careography,” “peek-a-pants,” and especially the “side moon”—brought a chuckle to my day.
Barb Lotsberg
Barbi Lee Dance
Minnetonka, MN

I have just read the vocabulary list by Diane Gudat—how funny. We label our crazy parents as family members—the crazier they are, the closer members they are. For example, the craziest are labeled a certain teacher’s sister or mother. The lesser of the crazy moms are called aunts and cousins. Thanks for the good laugh!
Cathy Finne
Artistic Director, Studio 1014
Jacksonville, FL

“Ballet blow-out”—that shoe where the big toe is peeking out from a hole in the bottom of the shoe. “Scenic tour dancer”—one who never spots and takes a “scenic tour” around the room while turning.
Kim Rowley
Academy of Dance
Warner Robins, GA

I am never disappointed! My partner and I laughed out loud at Diane Gudat’s dictionary and so appreciated the advice regarding recession effects. We are personally experiencing these as well and face many of the same issues. Every day we remind ourselves that we are lucky to have a job (many of our clients do not) and especially one that allows us flexibility of scheduling and time with great kids. It truly is a roller coaster! Thanks as always for a brilliant publication.
Melanie Gibbs
Boca Dance Studio
Boca Raton FL

I cannot tell you how much I needed this [DSL, October 2009]! I question myself and my choreographic choices constantly (using shorter pieces, older and odder songs, conservative costumes, etc.), and the competition article [“Smart Ideas for Small Dances”] was great! I also thoroughly enjoyed Diane Gudat’s terminologies [“Dance Studio Lingo”]. With a day job, a studio to run, teaching 95 percent of the classes in my studio, and a 9-month-old at home, I can barely find time to breathe. But I always enjoy reading your emails and magazine!
Patty Nowak-Briggs
Charlotte Braun Dance Studio
Parma Heights, OH


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