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More readers respond to “Dance Studio Lingo” by Diane Gudat, DSL, August 2009:

Here are a few we use at our studio:

Prostatot: 3-year-olds costumed in thigh-high fishnets, short-shorts, and crop tops and shake their butts to inappropriate hip-hop songs at competitions

Cha-no-no or cha-ne-ne (nay nay) turns: chaînés done in second position, or without spotting, or moving both arms at the same time
Denise Danzo
Danza Dance Academy
Castle Rock, CO

Pas de bour prep: pas de bourrée that ends in fourth position pirouette preparation

Pas de bourr-no: a pas de bourrée where the dancers cross back, step open, and then cross front instead of sus-sous (fifth), second, sus-sous (fifth)

Extreme piqué: any piqué move where the dancer is as high in relevé as physically possible and on the straightest leg possible
Toni-Lynn Miles
Middlesex Dance Center
Durham, CT

Devil-oppé: a painful extension of the leg
Atti-besque: an arabesque than never quite straightens
Pas de canard: step of the duck (a pas de chat done with flat feet)
Barbecued ribs: a protruding ribcage (courtesy of teacher Richard Munro)
Hula hips: an inadvertent circling of the hips in rond de jambe

I really enjoyed the whole list of terms—very amusing!

Name withheld by request

Thank you for the article on Luigi. It was wonderful to see that Luigi and his professional students live by his motto of “Never stop moving.” It seems that most articles on Luigi reflect his life in the past. It was nice to see his life reflect what is happening now, because he really “never stops moving.”
Alisoun Price
Assistant to the Assistant Artistic Director|
Luigi’s Jazz Dance
New York, NY

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