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Danspirations: The Greatest Profession in the World with Rhee Gold


See Rhee Gold share his passion for teaching dance in this special keynote address at the 2009 DanceLife Teacher Conference presented to more 600 dance teachers and school owners from across the world. His words are thought-provoking, humorous, and refreshing as he reinforces all the reasons we have chosen to become dance educators in the first place. Viewers will feel rejuvenated as they listen to Gold explain why we’ve chosen the “greatest profession in the world!”

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3 Responses to “Danspirations: The Greatest Profession in the World with Rhee Gold”

  • Rhee! You have made me cry. I have taught girls and boys that have now opened their own Studios and I am sooo proud of that fact. I have passed on tap that was taught to me by a very old woman with the best tap technique and eloquent methods of teaching that are not taught today. I don’t mean that negatively. Todays tap is amazing! She taught all basics in the way of graduating routines. It was marvelous! I am proud to say her name…Helen Heed. She was my inspiration and now I see others that I’ve inspired. Dance World is a wonderful world!! Jazz, Ballet,Tap etc. fills my head and my heart. You have put it all into words. Thank you so much!! Dancers never give up. Thank you, Rhee.

  • Betty McRoberts:

    Rhee….my, my, how true, how touching….. I know you are right, I’ve experienced several of the stories you talked about. I let someone push me right out of the profession and I missed it for years. I thought I was “over it and let it go” I thought the passion had left me until I hear you talk and you know that, it is still in there… it does not go away! You are so right. I see former students today and they tell me some very touching stories of what they remember when I was the dance teacher….I did not think it was a big deal back then, but to them it is monumental. Wow, the smile it puts on your face, how quickly your heart warms.

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Rhee, such a lovely speech. I have been teaching for 44 years and our school is 72 years old. We are a 3 generation school and very proud to be able to teach the dancers in our area and also that the parents give us the opportunity to teach their little ballerinas. I can’t imagine life without dance and thank-you my late mother for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to pas down the tradition to my daughter and now the 4th generation my grand-daughter.

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