Maybe you are the person she needs in her life?

She’s disheveled, hides in the back of the classroom because she feels different from the other kids. Her leotard is always dirty, her bun is a mess, and she never smiles.

-As a teacher are you uncomfortable?

-Do you (deep down) wish that she would “drop” because of that uncomfortableness?

A little investigation: The child is raised by her elderly grandfather who is working full time as a grocery bagger to finance raising his granddaughter; including her dancing lessons. His job lets him leave for 15 min. to pick her up from school and get her to dance. And he’s not good at laundry, and making a bun is not his specialty either. But he’s trying really hard.

-Maybe next week you could make a bun for her and tell her how beautiful she looks?

-Maybe next week you could drop a leotard in her dance bag . . . she’ll never know who did that for her, but you will.

-Maybe next week you can grab her by the hand and smile at her?

-Maybe you are the person she needs in her life?

You are a dance teacher, you help change the world . . . Rhee

One Comment:

  1. Louanne Courtright

    WOW…thank you again, Rhee. We DO need to remember these things…and although the $$$ is important, this is MORE so!

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