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Dance Masters of America Dumps Abby Lee of ‘Dance Moms’


Dance Masters of America is publically disassociating itself from Abby Lee Miller, the infamous dance teacher from the Lifetime series Dance Moms, a reality show known for its trophy-obsessed teachers and scheming stage mothers.

In the 2012 spring newsletter emailed to DMA members this week, Phyllis R. Guy, DMA national president, makes the following statement:

“To date, Dance Masters of America has not taken a public stand on the Dance Moms reality show. We had hoped the show would just fade away. As many of you know, the Lifetime video crew appeared at our Orlando National Convention and were immediately turned away and refused any filming of our convention workshops or competitions. Parents and students attending the convention were immediately notified and were discouraged from any participation with this program. DMA feels this is a total misrepresentation of our dance educators and their students and is detrimental to the dance profession.

“Abby Lee Miller is no longer a member of Dance Members of America. Her membership was terminated through her chapter. Quality dance education is very important to each of us and our students and our goal is to provide the best dance education in the most loving atmosphere.”



10 Responses to “Dance Masters of America Dumps Abby Lee of ‘Dance Moms’”

  • Lori:

    Thank goodness DMA got wise! DMA is a wonderful organization who has had about enough of Abby Lee Miller for years. I watched her bully the competition at every convention, workshop and pageant. She belitted other teacher’s students back stage so she could “psych them out” of course when the teacher or parent wasnt present. When the child told the mother or teacher and Abby was confronted, she would lie and say the kid was a liar. Such a bully! She is a disgusting person. DMA risked losing other members because of Abby!

    I heard that when she was called to the final DMA meeting, she brought her attorney and Dance Moms producers for backup. Another bullying tatic.

    Finally, someone who did not back down to the abuse of Abby Lee Miller.

    I am sure DMA has been looking for a reason for years and they finally found one!

    Kudos DMA!!!!!!! You dont need that “poison” in your organization.

  • Chris Grau:

    I am not a member of Dance Masters, but I have had my own dance studio for 40 years. I have judged competitions for 10 years. And I think that everyone needs to realize that this is a reality show, and a lot of it is staged just as Basketball wives, Celebrity Apprentice, The Kardashians and so on. People are just watching it for the entertainment. I mean the bottom line is that what is happening on this show is somewhat a reality in most studios. I know it has been in mine. In the past 40 years I have been yelled at , called names by dance moms, and stabbed in the back by my most trusted dancers and moms. So the basics are true it is just very embellished, and I think that the dance world is taking this a little too much to heart.

  • william peters:

    Fwd: I think that this is rather underhanded, and a desperate desire for attention. Calling Abby “trophy obsessed” in the same public statement where you talk about your own competiton is sad. Are the other “educators” attending your competiton not there for the same prizes? Are you not handing out trophies for the “best” dances & dancers? So, now Abby who is curently the most populardance educator in the country is no longer a member of your precious “club”? Sounds like a few jealous “scheming stage mothers” got their way.
    Show me a competition dance studio that doesn’t run itself like the ALDC & your showing me a lie or just a poorly run studio without many success stories. The reality show focuses on the drama and excitement… that is what they do… and off camera you just did the same. Congrats.

  • DPrugh:

    As a Mother of a dancer, I am appalled with the show Dance Moms. I commend you for not supporting a teacher or studio that treats children with such disrespect and abuse. I think both the studio and the Mothers of these children should be held accountable for their actions with these children. How a Mother can sit and watch the abuse to their child is beyond me. Shame on all of you and shame on Lifetime for putting such a show on their network!

  • Pamela Crosby:

    Just curious if anyone has taken notice of “Dance Members of America” in place of what I would’ve expected to be “Dance Masters of America” in the second paragraph? Does anyone know if this was simply in error in transcription or is it in fact how the notice went out in the spring newsletter? And if it was the latter, was it intentional?

  • [...] and our goal is to provide the best dance education in the most loving atmosphere.” Source: Dance Masters of America Dumps Abby Lee of __________________ "Creepy, like when Tom Cruise laughs." – Bloodhound [...]

  • Brian:

    I’m glad someone finally showed enough guts to stand up to that witch! Dance is a form of art, and dancing schools are suppose to help practice grace, agility, and athleticism. Abby Lee Miller runs her dance school like it was Auschwitz, and she has all the compassion of Hitler!

  • Just Dance Conservatory:

    Amen, finally someone spoke up, I am in total agreement. The article will be printed and posted in my studio.

    Thank you,
    Anita Giovengo – artistic director

  • Sam Combs:

    Are You Kidding Me?? The entire dance and cheer industry is completely about MONEY – the “arts” my you know what! At the end of the day Abby Lee Miller has a “hit” show with AWESOME dancers and she is making a bonanza in the process!! Of course the majority of any reality is preconceived and over the top but that is what makes a TV show!! The dollars poured out at these events weekend after weekend on trinkets, costumes, food, trophies, pictures, wigs, plaques, certificates, (in other words: JUNK)… These competition circuits in no way preserve any artform and i am thrilled to be able to watch this theatre unfold on lifetime!! I’ll be honest – DMA is just dissappointed ALM got there first! Preserve the arts by getting communities involved and making them available to EVERYONE. In the meantime – MORE ABBY PLEASE!!

  • I am so sadden that Abby Lee show was taken off the air. How will I ever find out about the outcome of Mattie and the rest of the girls. I really thought that the show was all a lot of fake and the kids were aware of ALMDance studio tatics. I also thought that the moms was put up acting and double crossing with each other, a realitiy show at it’s best. I was sorry to have missed her performance in Lancaster, Pa as that is my birth place and I would have attended the compition. Best of luck to all the sweet little dancers. JRC

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