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Now 66,000 readers, with new subscribers every day!

In a time when print publications are declining, Dance Studio Life continues to buck the trend by consistently growing in both subscribers and advertisers. It has always been Rhee Gold’s philosophy that dance people crave content that is relevent to their lives and their businesses. With that philosophy Dance Studio Life is on top of the dance education field by offering readers articles to guide them in the classroom, sharpen their business skills, help them to attract students, expand their studios’ offerings, answer their questions, and keep them up to date in the field.

Bringing dance educators together is a big part of our mission. When they read a story about how to maintain classroom discipline, or find a great hip-hop teacher, or get the most for their advertising dollar, they share the hands-on experiences of teachers and studio owners across the United States and Canada.

We live the life

Dance Studio Life magazine is published by Rhee Gold, a leader in the dance education field. He grew up as the child of a dance teacher, owned his own schools, and wrote The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance (now in its second printing). Through his Project Motivate seminars, special appearances, and the DanceLife Teacher Conference, Gold interacts with thousands of dance educators, school owners, dancers, and students every year. In planning the relevant and meaningful content in Dance Studio Life, he knows what readers need and want.

Always on the cutting edge

Dance Studio Life has recently relaunched a freshly redesigned, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-device-friendly website, reaching the worldwide dance community with regularly updated content from the print magazine and online news briefs. Readers may find articles by issue, column, department, or subject; and browse stories from the previous month’s edition or all the way back to July 2007. Dance Studio Life is also very active on a daily basis on popular social network sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Customer service that goes above and beyond

When you speak to our ad reps, you won’t get a strong-arm sales pitch. You will receive immediate attention from representatives who focus on great customer service. They are ready to assist you and advise you on the most productive advertising strategy for your particular company, and nothing more. We want what’s best for you—that’s how we’ve built such a loyal band of advertisers.

Nothing has had more impact and positive influence on us all than Dance Studio Life. It motivates and inspires us to be the best . . . a bible for dance teachers!
~Alison ForanceNovember 2014

Thanks for providing an outlet for dance teachers and studio owners. I find your material therapeutic, inspiring, and very useful.
~Danelle Watson (Brust)

December 2014

I want to thank you for such an informative and entertaining magazine for teachers. Thanks so much!
~Tina Maxwell

August 2014

Who are Dance Studio Life Readers?

Where Do They Work?
Private sector 80.6%
Higher education 3.2%
High school 8.9%
Professional school 10.4%
Community or recreational center 10.5%
Master teacher 10.9%
Professional dancer/choreographer 18.0%
School office manager 8.2%
Dance vendor/merchant 5.6%
Other 15.6%
Dance/Activities Taught
Ballet 89.0%
Modern 35.0%
Jazz 87.7%
Tap 83.5%
Acrobatics/gymnastics 28.8%
Hip Hop 50.9%
Lyrical 69.5%
Preschool/creative movement 73.9%
Ethnic 7.2%
Academic (pedagogy, history, etc.) 4.3%
Physical education 1.4%
Cheer/drill team 14.4%
Zumba 9.8%
Pilates 11.4%
Ballroom/social dance 14.0%
Not applicable 1.4%
Levels and/or Ages Taught
Beginner 95.6%
Intermediate 95.9%
Advanced 81.3%
Preschool 83.3%
Adult 73.1%
Professional dancers 13.5%
Senior citizens 14.9%
Special-needs students 20.9%
Not applicable 1.8%
Teaching Experience
5 years or fewer 5.1%
6–10 years 11.1%
11–15 years 14.4%
16–20 years 16.2%
21–25 years 14.2%
26–35 years 24.8%
36–50 years 9.8%
51+ years 1.2%
School Owners
Yes 75.5%
No 23.3%
No responses 1.0%
Purchasing Decisions About Equipment, Software, Flooring, Ballet Barres, Etc.
Yes 78.1%
No 13.3%
Not applicable 7.4%
No responses 1.0%
Students Attend Competitions and/or Conventions
Yes 73.9%
No 24.8%
No responses 1.2%
Decision Maker: Competitions and Conventions
Yes 68.9%
No 12.9%
Not applicable 16.9%
No responses 1.0%
Competition and/or Convention Events Attended Annually
1 12.2%
2 15.5%
3 20.0%
4 14.2%
5 8.9%
6 or more 4.3%
Not applicable 23.1%
No responses 1.4%
Produce an Annual Recital
Yes 95.2%
No 2.0%
Not applicable 1.4%
No responses 1.2%
Annual Expenditure on Costuming
$999 or less 3.2%
$1,000–$4,999 11.4%
$5,000–$9,999 15.6%
$10,000–$14,999 16.7%
$15,000–$19,999 12.5%
$20,000–$24,999 8.9%
$25,000 or more 15.8%
Not applicable 13.1%
No responses 2.1%
Decision Maker: Costumes
Yes 78.6%
No 14.9%
Not applicable 5.1%
No responses 1.2%

Dance Studio Life 2015 Editorial Content (at a glance)

January:  Global Dance
February:  Mind Your Body
March/April: Modern & Contemporary Dance
May/June:  Business Bonanza
July:  Holiday Shows and Beyond
August:  Season Opener
September:  Competitions & Conventions
October:  Recital Roundup
November: Ballet Boom
December: Hip-Hop & Tap
Dance Studio Life 2015 Editorial Content (comprehensive)

DSL Specs

Files Preferred file format: TIFF.

Also acceptable: EPS, JPEG, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign. Files must be created for CMYK color. All fonts & linked graphics must be included for formats not in final form.

Resolution of all graphics is 300 PPI (DPI). Keep all type and important elements within a ½” margin of trim size of your bleed ad.

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1/2 page, vertical: 3-1/2” x 10-3/16” (no bleed)
1/2 page, horizontal: 7” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/3 page, vertical: 2-1/4” x 10-3/16” (no bleed)
1/3 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/4 page, vertical: 3-1/2” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/4 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 3-3/4” (no bleed)
1/6 page, vertical: 2-1/4” x 5-1/16” (no bleed)
1/6 page, horizontal: 4-5/8” x 2-1/2” (no bleed)
Inch ads: 2-1/4” x number of inches

Trim size: 8” x 10-7/8”


Reservation closing: 2 months prior
Artwork closing: 15th following reservation deadline

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