Media Kit Editorial

Dance Studio Life 2016 Editorial Content (comprehensive)

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All issues will contain general-interest dance stories in addition to the themed content. The following departments run in all or some of the issues:

  • Readers’ Guide to Advertisers
  • On My Mind: musings and opinions from Rhee Gold
  • EditorSpeak: thoughts from the editorial staff
  • Ask Rhee Gold: advice for dance teachers
  • Ballet Scene: contemporary or classical ballet topics
  • Bright Biz Idea: the business side of dance education
  • Bulletin Board: what’s new online, dance history, dancer quotations
  • Collective Wisdom: insights from and Q&A with experienced educators
  • Dance HQ: dance history quiz with fun facts for teachers and students
  • College Close-Ups: profiles of college and university dance programs
  • FYI: what’s up in the dance community
  • Higher-Ed Voice: dance education from a higher-ed perspective
  • Mindful Marketing: tips and perspectives for better marketing
  • Page Turners: notable dance books
  • Moving Images: notable dance films and DVDs
  • Performance Corner: our sneak peeks at dance shows we’d love to see
  • Thinking Out Loud: a personal experience/opinion department
  • 2 Tips for Ballet Teachers: pointers from former San Francisco Ballet dancer and respected teacher David Arce
  • 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers: pointers from Rock Steady Crew b-boy Anthony “Ynot” DeNaro
  • 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Dance Teachers: pointers from former Paul Taylor Dance Company dancer and current USC faculty member Patrick Corbin
  • 2 Tips for Tap Dance Teachers: pointers from master teacher Thelma Goldberg
  • 2  Music Tips for Dance Teachers: pointers from SF Ballet accompanist Nina Pinzarrone
  • 1,000 Words: fabulous dance photos

Be sure to check out all of the NEW issue themes, special features and content for 2016 below!

January: Global Dance
Our global issue brings a world of dance to readers’ doorsteps. Covering a new World Dance program at a public performing arts high school, collegiate bhangra competitions, a studio that melds traditional and modern hula, and a school that uses flamenco for educational outreach, our stories focus on world dance traditions and the teachers who keep them alive and relevant.
Plus: Costumes and backdrops for around-the-world dances

February: Summer & Wellness
Summer&emdash;what better time to think about wellness, the perfect addition to any dance curriculum. From GirlPower! workshops that promote wellbeing in tweens and teens, a revamped Nia practice, the tap-and-fitness mix of Sole Power, and film-and-dance summer intensives, our stories will promote health of mind, body, and soul.
Plus: Our annual roundup of summertime teacher-training programs

March/April: Contemporary & Modern Dance
Modern dance has historically given tradition a much-needed wake-up call, and the next generation, contemporary, is doing the same. What’s hot today on stages and TV screens and in videos has a place in the classroom too.
Plus: Our annual collection of tap festivals worldwide

May/June: Business Bonanza
Our business issue is a comprehensive resource for readers, bursting with ideas about generating income, dealing with customers, and strategizing for success.
Plus: The latest in business services

July: Seasonal Shows & Career
Holiday shows are a big part of many studios’ performance offerings, and we make a point of giving our readers fresh ideas, in plenty of time for them to plan ahead. Whether it’s a new twist on a tradition or a completely new way to approach seasonal shows, our stories offer options that help teachers freshen their repertoires and engage their students and audiences.
Plus: Our annual collection of must-have holiday costumes and backdrops

August: Season Opener
For our readers, gearing up for a new season means pulling out the August issue for new ideas, programs, tools, and inspiration about curriculum, communication, business, and much more. This reader favorite, which covers a wide range of topics, has been going strong for years.
Plus: A grab bag of new products for dance schools and classrooms

September: Competition Time
Preparing for competitions and conventions is fun, challenging, and rewarding for studio owners and teachers. This issue is a popular one, giving readers information, advice, and behind-the-scenes perspectives on where to go, what to expect, and how to make this year’s competition season the best ever. From planning to performance, it’s all here.
Plus: Competition directors offer insights and opinions on the competition industry

October: Recital Roundup
Recitals give kids a chance to shine, but they’re also big business for dance studios. In this issue we cover every aspect of these showcases, from conception to creation to presentation, plus marketing, building a reputation, overcoming the challenges, and reaping the joys. This widely read issue is always one of our biggest and best.
Plus: A shop-till-you-drop collection of recital costumes and props

November: Focus on the Classroom

Plus: A potpourri of products

December: The Soul of Dancing

Plus: Our at-your-fingertips annual listings of competitions & conventions