August 2013 | Table of Contents

August 2013COLUMNS
Ask Rhee Gold Advice for dance teachers
2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | A+ Arabesques By David Arce
2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Focus on Foundations By Geo Hubela
2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Placing the Weight By Bill Evans
2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Developing Musicality By Gregg Russell
A Better You | Sidestepping the Sidelines By Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
Overuse injuries are a reality for any dance teacher. Here’s how to avoid them.
EditorSpeak By Karen White and Lisa Okuhn
FYI What’s Up In the dance community
On My Mind | Words from the Publisher By Rhee Gold

Classroom Connection By Kerry Ring and Karen White
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum
Mail Words from our readers
Mindful Marketing | Beyond Open House By Megan Donahue
Teacher in the Spotlight | Dierdre Miles Burger
Teachers who make a difference  
Thinking Out Loud | The Love of My Life By Jackie L. Smith

Alexander Technique By Joseph Carman
Freedom of movement through consciousness.
Ballet Scene | Ballet’s Best, Cuban Style By Toba Singer
Encuentro Internacional de Academias de Ballet and Cuba’s influence on the international ballet world.
Ballet Teachers Unite! By Karen White
How an online chat room can create a community.
Beyond the Classroom By Julie Holt Lucia
Broaden your students’ dance education with a library corner, ticket exchanges, and more.
Bright Biz Idea | Dual Identity By Jennifer Kaplan
With a studio on each coast, Reflections in Dance serves as a business model of efficiency.
Business Owner’s Toolkit By Lisa Okuhn
Part 2: creativity at your fingertips.
Dance as a Bridge By Mary Grimes
Project: Generations unites young dancers with the elderly community.
Emotional Voice By Holly Derville-Teer
10 steps to more expressive dancers.
Get the ‘Glue’ By Misty Lown
Why every dance studio needs an office manager.
Higher-Ed Voice | Learning With the Heart By Bill Evans
Tending to the emotional side of students in teaching dance.
Money Talks By Debra Danese
School owners, faculty members, and independent contractors offer perspectives on teacher compensation.
MPACT on Families By Bonner Odell
Luna Dance Institute proves the power of parent-child dance.
Schools with Staying Power | Giacobbe Academy of Dance By Mary Ellen Hunt
Leading the way in dance education in Louisiana.
The Other Half By Rod Mohler
Survival tactics from a studio owner’s spouse.
World of Dance By Kat Richter
Teaching multiculturalism through creative movement.

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