Dollars Cents and Due Diligence

Dollars, Cents & Due Diligence | Should My Studio Have a Retirement Plan?

by Michelle Cote If you own a dance studio, starting a business retirement plan can decrease your business income taxes and help you and your employees save for retirement. Your business can deduct both the portion of employee salaries that go into the plan and the matching funds it contributes; employees (including you) defer paying…

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Dollars, Cents & Due Diligence | How Can I Save on Taxes?

by Michelle Cote When you make a profit as a business owner, that’s such a proud moment. Then your accountant tells you your tax bill. You think, “Was there any way I could have saved on my taxes?” There are ways to save tax dollars, some complex, some that involve spending money. Please consult your…

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Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | Common Mistakes New Small Businesses Make

by Michelle Cote So you’re opening a new dance studio, you’re excited, and you’re sure the location and space will work. In my work as an accountant, I’ve seen small-business owners—both new and existing—make various financial mistakes. Here a few common mistakes to watch out for: Undercharging. New business owners frequently undercharge for services, hoping…

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