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The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance, An Insider’s Secrets to Personal Reward and Financial Success, by Rhee Gold

Complete Guide to Teaching Dance
Rhee Gold will show you how to: Learn the power of a positive attitude, gain a clear Understanding of your role as a dance teacher or school owner, identify the personality of your school and why it is crucial to your success, build a strong team and keep it, investigate goal setting and discover what success means to you, become an expert in the politics of parent relations, demystify marketing and develop new strategies that get results, accept that it is OK to make money doing what you love. Includes cd with sample letters, surveys, ads, press releases etc. By: Rhee Gold. 207 pages.


The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance offers advice on how to enrich your students’ learning experience while illuminating the personal stress that often accompanies the problems of teaching and managing a studio. Rhee is a knowledgeable, experienced, generous teacher, and a curious, energetic, fearless student of life. You will love this book of practical advice that is intended to help dance teachers achieve personal and professional success. . . [I] intend to incorporate The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance into our pedagogy and arts management classes as assigned reading. . . The book is pertinent and needed.”
~Jo Rowan, Chairman of Dance, School of American Dance and Arts Management, Oklahoma City University

I am absolutely amazed—amazed at how well written it is, at how easy it is to understand and enjoy. I am disappointed that a book like this did not exist when I opened my first school. If it had, my life as a teacher would have been so much Easier and I would have been more successful. The points that Rhee brings out seem so obvious, but that is because I am looking at them in retrospect. Age allows you to look back and say, ‘I know that,’ or ‘Of course that’s how I would handle it.’ But truthfully, I didn’t know it then and I wouldn’t have known how to handle it then either. “This book should become the bible for all dance teachers and studio owners. It is fabulous!
~Art Stone, Smithtown, New York
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