February 2010 | Table of Contents

February 2010COLUMNS
Ask Rhee Gold
2 Tips for Teachers
A Better You
On My Mind
Teacher to Teacher

Thinking Out Loud
Teacher in the Spotlight | Paula E, Welter

Higher Ed Voice | The Hip Hop Project
Ballet Scene | Ballet in the Big City by McKenna Karnes and Melanie Eccles
As the Dance Teacher Turns by Julie Holt Lucia
Computerized Choreography by Gina McGalliard
Too Much Too Soon by Melissa Hoffman and Debbie Werbrouck
Goodbye Indiana, Hello, Rome! by Debbie Werbrouck
All Together Now by Jennifer Kaplan
Students With Something Extra by Steve Sucato
Culture of Positivity by Sophia Emigh

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1 Comment

  1. Michele Stewart on March 3, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Rhee, thanks for posting my question in this month’s magazine!
    I will think twice about my bunhead contest next season. The short hair child
    that cried at home, has now come to class with half of her hair up in a tiny bun,
    and I appreciate her effort and count it as a bun.
    Your remarks are so important to us teachers and owners, keep it up please!