February 2017 | Page Turners

Books of note (new and not)

Falling Over Sideways
By Jordan Sonnenblick
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: $17.99
272 pages; ages 12–15; hardcover; 2016

Eighth-grader Claire thinks her life is a jokeand she’s not laughing. At the dance studio, her friends are moved into an advanced class without her; at school, mean kids hassle her; at home, nobody listens. Then one day this ordinary, not-very-funny comedy is interrupted by an intense and tragic event: her dad suffers a stroke and collapses at the kitchen table. Suddenly the joke has become serious—and to get through it, Claire and her family and friends must find a way to make life funny again.

Functional Awareness: Anatomy in Action for Dancers
By Nancy Romita and Allegra Romita
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: $19.95
104 pages; paperback; 2016

This book applies the Functional Awareness approach to improving dance technique and developing the physical skills that enable dancers to move with balance and grace in the classroom, onstage, and in daily life. An introduction to the relationships between daily movement habits, dance training, and anatomy, the book demonstrates how to employ somatic practices to awaken the body–mind connection and improve movement function. Each chapter provides explorations in embodied anatomy—examining anatomy experientially as well as intellectually—through images, storytelling, and exercises.

The Art of Movement
By Ken Browar and Deborah Ory
Publisher: Hachette Books
Price: $50
304 pages; hardcover; 2016

In this book, fashion/magazine photographers Browar and Ory present images of—and quotes from—more than 70 dancers from top-tier companies, including American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Martha Graham Dance Company, Boston Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, and The Royal Ballet. The photographs capture the movement, flow, energy, and grace of the dancers, while the quotes reveal the profound meanings that dance holds for them.

Kitchen Dance
By Maurie J. Manning
Publisher: Clarion Books
Price: $17.99
32 pages; ages 4–7; hardcover; 2008

“Scrape! Splash! Clunk! Clang!” A little girl wakes in the night to mysterious noises. She and her brother sneak downstairs and peek in on their parents dancing and singing—“¡Como te quiero! Oh, how I love you!”—as they clean the kitchen. Mama and Papa discover the two kids and sweep them into the embrace of a joyful family dance. The music changes from a pop ballad to a hot tango to a cozy lullaby; the children close their sleepy eyes; and then Mama and Papa tuck them into bed again.