January 2013 | Table of Contents

January 2013COLUMNS
Ask Rhee Gold Advice for dance teachers
2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Pas de Cheval By Mignon Furman
2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Muscle Control By Geo Hubela
2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Focus on Intent  By Bill Evans
2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Clean and Simple By Stacy Eastman
A Better You | Say What? Putting a halt to hearing loss. By Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
EditorSpeak By Cheryl A. Ossola and Karen White
On My Mind | Words from the Publisher By Rhee Gold

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Classroom Connection By Michele Monaghan and Holly Derville-Teer
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum
Strength in Numbers
Dance teacher organizations- where to team up, share ideas, and be heard
Thinking Out Loud | Feedback Frenzy By Holly Derville-Teer
Teacher in the Spotlight | Aradia of Las Vegas
Teachers who make a difference
Mail Words from our readers
Mindful Marketing | Selling a Message By Misty Lown

ADF Abroad By Jennifer Kaplan
Modern-dance ambassadors bring American methods and ideas to the world.

Ballet Scene | Moving With the Mouse By Joshua Bartlett
Angelina Ballerina finds a new home at North American dance schools.
Bright Biz Idea | Sister Studios By Misty Lown
Sharing a teacher, sharing success.
Flying Down to Rio By Jennifer Kaplan
Step aside, Fred and Ginger-Brazil opens its arms to student dancers.
Mind Games By Kerry Ring
Physical excellence takes mental preparation.
Of the People, for the People By Brian McCormick
At BYU, international dancing is a 50-year tradition
Russia’s Contemporary Culture By Meg Brooker
Exploration and self-expression take post-Cold War dance beyond ballet.
Two Halves, One Whole By Arisa White
Mexico and India meet onstage in a blend of dance and culture.
Work of the Heart By Joshua Bartlett
Preserving the traditions of Northwest Canada’s aboriginal dance.

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