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A World of DanceJanuary 2015

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It’s time for our New Year’s tradition—sharing stories about dance from a global perspective. This month we’re taking you to France for ballet, to Korea for traditional and contemporary dance, and to the Middle East to explore the history and culture behind belly dance. Then discover how dance is a gateway to education and opportunity in the genocide-affected countries of Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Guinea. Bon voyage!

On My Mind | Happy New Year!
By Rhee Gold
Words from the publisher

EditorSpeak | Beginnings | Catching a Wave, Dancing the Dance
By Cheryl A. Ossola and Lisa Okuhn

2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Diagonals and Pirouettes
By David Arce

2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Mixed Levels
By Thelma Goldberg

2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers | Risk-Taking and Groundedness
By Toni Pierce-Sands

2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Grooves and “Indian” Step
By Anthony “Ynot” DeNaro

2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers | The Baroque Period: Part 3
By Nina Pinzarrone

Ask Rhee Gold
Advice for dance teachers

What’s up in the dance community

Words from our readers

Classroom Connection
By Debra Danese and Holly Derville-Teer
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum

Teacher in the Spotlight | Lisa Eisemann
Teachers who make a difference 

Thinking Out Loud | Embracing Choreography With HUGS
By Mary Lynn Taylor

College Close-Ups | University at Buffalo (SUNY)
What students need to know about college and university dance programs.

A World of Dance
Change in Direction 
By Bonner Odell
An artistic director does good by kids in genocide’s aftermath.

Breath, Energy, Soul
By Joseph Carman
History and culture, fluidity and lyricism unite in Korean dance.

Ballet Scene | French Lessons 
By Megan Donahue
Ballet-themed trip to France combines art, history, dance education – and even romance.

From Temple Dance to Today’s Stages
By Jeanne Fogler
Exploring the history, mystery, and culture of belly dance.

Fun and Games
By Mike Wittmers
Helping young dancers find their voices through improv.

Bright Biz Idea | Dance on the Go
By Kay Waters
Daycare center classes offer a business model with no studio required.

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