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March April 2014Modern & Contemporary

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In this month’s issue, we explore concepts for teaching modern and contemporary dance. You’ll gain new ideas and methods for the classroom with our stories on improv and composition classes, how and when to introduce codified modern dance to your students, and a new Limón training program.

On My Mind | Words from the Publisher 
By Rhee Gold

By Cheryl Ossola

2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Prepping for Partnering 
By David Arce

2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Troubleshooting 
By Thelma Goldberg

2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Talk About Turnout 
By Bill Evans

2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Spin Savvy 
By Geo Hubela

2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers | Tempo Terms 
By Nina Pinzarrone

Ask Rhee Gold
Advice for dance teachers

 Words from our readers

What’s Up In the dance community

Teacher in the Spotlight | Mary Naftal
Teachers who make a difference  

Classroom Connection 
By M. Kyle Plunkett and Holly Derville-Teer
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum

Thinking Out Loud | A Tough Choice 
By Holly Derville-Teer

Mindful Marketing | Postcards With Punch 
By Rhee Gold

College Close-Ups | Missouri State University
What students need to know about college and university dance programs.

Modern & Contemporary
From Earthworms to Elephants and Beyond 
By Elizabeth Zimmer
Using improvisation to help students grow as artists.

Infinite Possibilities 
By Lea Marshall
New Limón company-affiliated training program nurtures modern dancers.

Concepts of Creation 
By Julie Holt Lucia
Modern-based composition classes fuel creativity and confidence.

Modern Dance, Step by Step 
By Ann Murphy
How to fine-tune a modern/contemporary curriculum for all ages.

Bright Biz Idea | A Brain for Business
By Bonner Odell
In the world of studio ownership, being an artist isn’t enough. Here’s how to get the left-brain skills you need

Ballet Scene | Viva Villella 
By Joseph Carman
At the USA IBC, it’s curtain up on Act 3 of Edward Villella’s career.

Everybody Dance! 
By Claudia Bauer
National Dance Week Foundation gives a weeklong celebration a year-round presence.

Tap Festivals
A guide to 2014 tap festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

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