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Ballet is dance’s universal foundation, but in this issue we go beyond the basics to explore Bournonville style, ballet on Broadway, and character dance.

Plus, read up on best practices for a 21st-century office and the latest thinking on stretching.

En avant!

Cover photo of Silicon Valley Ballet principal dancers Junna Ige and Maykel Solas, in George Balanchine’s Allegro Brillante, by Chris Hardy.

On My Mind
By Rhee Gold
Words from the publisher

By Cheryl A. Ossola and Karen White

2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | When Rond de Jambe Is Wrong
By David Arce

2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Tending to Adult Students
By Thelma Goldberg

2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers | Spirals and Using Progressions
By Toni Pierce-Sands

2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Camel Walk and Patty Duke
By Anthony “Ynot” DeNaro

2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers | Early Ballet Music and Giselle
By Nina Pinzarrone

Ask Rhee Gold
Advice for dance teachers

Words from our readers

Bulletin Board
Pin. Post. Share.

What’s up in the dance community

Page Turners
Books of note (new and not).

Moving Images
Videos of note (new and not).

Thinking Out Loud | Two for One
By Jill Randall 

Teacher in the Spotlight | Maggie Dennis
Teachers who make a difference

Mindful Marketing | Yes, You Canva
By Thom Watson

College Close-Ups | Arizona State University
What students need to know about college and university dance programs.

Performance Corner
Our sneak peek at shows we’d love to see.

Collective Wisdom
Ideas and advice from our readers

At the Ballet
Ballet on Broadway
By Joseph Carman
In An American in Paris, dancing drives the show – and points to more dance in musicals of the future.

Ballet Scene | Character Dance
By Fiona Ellwood
Ballet’s take on traditional dances offers partner skills, cultural awareness, and fun.

Ballet, Danish Style
By Kathy Adams
Utah’s Bournonville Workshop With the Masters proves this refined style is still relevant.

Flexibility: Facts and Fictions
By Claudia Bauer
Three experts explore the latest thinking on safe, effective stretching.

Bright Biz Idea | The 21st-Century Office
By Roxanne Claire
Rethinking your school’s administrative tasks cuts down on work, time, and stress.

Outreach and Inroads
By Toba Singer
Jacques d’Amboise’s National Dance Institute thrives in New Mexico.

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