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October 2012COLUMNS
Ask Rhee Gold
Advice for dance teachers

2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Developing Trust By Mignon Furman
2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Watch and Learn By Geo Hubela
2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Energy Paths By Bill Evans
2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Amping It Up By Stacy Eastman
A Better You | Wobble Your Way to Strength By Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
Give feet and ankles a boost with balance boards.
EditorSpeak  by Cheryl A. Ossola and Karen White
Retrain Your Brain | Elephants Are Easier

On My Mind |Rhee Gold
Words from the publisher

Thinking Out Loud | Making Peace With Bodies By Lisa Okuhn
Few are born with a model’s body, and trying to attain one is the source of widespread anguish, especially among young women.  And for dancers, it’s worse.
Teacher in the Spotlight | Thelma Showman
Owner and teacher, Thelma Showman School of Dance, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Strength in Numbers | Dance Masters of Western New York, Chapter 8
Dance teacher organizations-where to team up, share ideas, and be heard.
Mindful Marketing | Getting Connected With LinkedIn By Julia Holt Lucia
Classroom Connection
Making the most of class.
Bright Biz Ideas | Ticket to Sales Success By Mary Grimes
Make short work of ticket sales with online services.

Shared Seclusion By Karen White
At the DanceLife Retreat Center, common ground, creativity, and wisdom make for good times and lasting connections.
Lights Up! By Brian McCormick
From lighting to backdrops, professional-looking productions keep audiences-and students-coming back for more.
No-Sweat Recital By Shannon O’Brien Marshall
Beat the heat and cruise through spring with a fall recital.
2-Way Street for Studio Owners By Misty Lown
A conference connection turns to mentorship, and more.
Beyond the Comfort Zone By Jennifer Kaplan
Spice up your studio’s offerings with guest teachers.
One-Stop Shopping By Karen White
Bundling fees means simplicity and convenience, all in one package.
Big Groups + Big Plans = Huge Impression By Gregg Russell
To make ensemble pieces sizzle, not fizzle, think like a director.
Shelter from the Burnout Storm By Holly Derville-Teer
Three school owners tell what to do when the deluge hits.
Moveable Dance By Eileen Glynn
In Atlanta, Dance Truck brings dance anywhere it wants to go.
Recital Rescues By Megan Donahue
How to go on when the going is tough.
Higher-Ed Voice | “I Can Do That!”  By Kerry Ring
How to help auditioning students shine.
Ballet Scene |Magaly’s Magic
Cuban-style training and warmth draw top dancers to Pompano Beach. By Quinn B. Wharton

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