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2 Tips for Teachers

To explain turnout of the leg raised in front: The dancer sits on the floor with legs extended in front, parallel to each other. The hands are on the floor, slightly behind the line of the shoulders.

On My Mind

As a teenager, I remember overhearing a group of dance teachers at a dance convention get all fired up about the recent rumor they had heard about another dance teacher (who was not there, of course).


I [am] so excited by your high standards, not only in the professional field but the personal as well.

Thinking Out Loud

Helping students is what dance teachers do. We help them learn movements and steps, solve problems, and gain confidence. We help parents too, to understand what their children are learning and how they can be supportive without being intrusive.

Teacher in the Spotlight | Lynn Scheps

I care about every student. I am never absent or late. I keep up with the latest Broadway material. I make class time fun, interesting, exciting, and educational. I am passionate about my material and what I teach. I also teach everyday life values.

Higher-Ed Voice | Dos and Don’ts for Dance Majors

Life is filled with a plethora of dos and don’ts. For college- and university-bound students, the world of higher education is no exception.

Mother and Child Reunion

Mother/son stories are common in the dance world. Boys learn to dance from their mothers, leave for distant places, then return and help their mothers teach. That, and more, happened to Jill and Richard d’Alton.

The 60-Years-and-Up Club

A clump of pink-tighted girls scatters like bowling pins when Eleanor Rubino walks into her East Boston studio. They quickly take their places at the barre, standing expectant, ready to work.

Holiday Show Sampler

The holiday season is full of warmth, cheer—and the stress of too much to do. Why, then, would any sane school owner choose to put on a performance in December?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Show

Why do a show at such a busy time of year? The simple answer is that it’s good for the community, and your business.

Young at Heart

A studio filled with 3- to 6-year-old aspiring ballerinas is enough to fill many a dance teacher’s heart with trepidation. Not Tilly Abbe’s, though. She’s been loving, and loving teaching, scores of little pink-clad girls (and a handful of boys) for nearly her entire teaching career.

Special Students, Special Needs

I have had the rewarding experience of working with two special-needs students during my career as dance director at the University City YMCA in Charlotte, NC.