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February 2017 | Page Turners

Books of note (new and not)
1. Falling Over Sideways
2. Functional Awareness: Anatomy in Action for Dancers
3. The Art of Movement
4. Kitchen Dance

February 2017 | Moving Images

Videos of note (new and not)
1. Dancer
2. Lincoln Center at the Movies Presents Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Chroma, Grace, Takademe, Revelations
3. Dance for PD: At Home, vol. 1
4. Gotta Dance

February 2017 | Bulletin Board

Dance in Time: February
Quotable: About Dance

February 2017 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community
-NDEO President Thom Cobb Remembered
-Ballet Companies’ Seasonal Spirit Saves Nutcracker
-Liz Lerman Recognized With ADF Educator Award
-American Tap Company Triumphs Over Travel Woes

February 2017 | Performance Corner

Our sneak peek at dance shows we’d love to see

February 2017 | Summer & Wellness

Summer—what better time to think about wellness, the perfect addition to any dance curriculum? Discover GirlPower! workshops that promote well-being in tweens/teens, a revamped Nia practice, and the tap-and-fitness mix of Sole Power. For a cool summer intensive idea, check out the film-and-dance combo at School of Creative and Performing Arts. Then help yourself to our annual list of summertime teacher trainings!

Plus, a program that teaches hip-hop to students with physical and cognitive challenges, and our annual list of summertime teacher training opportunities.

January 2017 | 2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers | The Ballets Russes and Les Sylphides

by Nina Pinzarrone

On June 2, 1909, in Paris—an auspicious day in ballet history—Serge Diaghilev presented his newly formed Ballets Russes in Michel Fokine’s Les Sylphides in the form we know today.

January 2017 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Resistance Band Exercises
Consider integrating stretch/resistance band exercises into pointe and pre-pointe classes to strengthen dancers’ feet and ankles.

Reality Check: Communication Challenge
Q. I’m looking for ideas that will help multiple front desk staffers handle office communication more effectively. Example: Suzy’s mom calls about registration. One staffer calls back and leaves a message—which is noted in the message book—but no one follows up or calls the mom again. Does anyone have a solution? —Neala Dunn

January 2017 | Having a Blast With Bhangra

by Jennifer Kaplan

Bhangra, a high-intensity dance typically performed in bare feet, includes nearly continuous jumps and hops that keep the dancers airborne more than earthbound.

January 2017 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Creative Exercises to Process Emotion

by Samara Atkins

Tip 1: Dance can be especially helpful in processing emotions.

Tip 2: Encourage your dancers to use hip-hop movement to reflect their feelings—and to create rebellious and revolutionary art.

January 2017 | Rules = Respect

by Debra Danese

All dance teachers know that they’re in the classroom to teach technique—but only some of them know that teaching their students proper dance etiquette is also part of their job.

January 2017 | Ask Rhee Gold

Advice for Dance Teachers