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January 2017 | Bright Biz Idea | Concessions Convenience

by Tiffany R. Jansen

Here are some things to consider when adding a vending machine to your studio environment.

January 2017 | 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers | Eye Contact in Partnering and Safe, Silent Rolls

by Patrick Corbin

Tip 1: When teaching young dancers the basics of partnering, make sure to stress the importance of focus.

Tip 2: Teaching students the correct way to make contact with the floor when they roll from a standing position will help them to execute this common move effectively while avoiding injury.

January 2017 | Going Global

by Bonner Odell

The World Dance program at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts is only a month and a half old, but clearly this class has hit its groove.

January 2017 | College Close-Ups | University of North Carolina–Greensboro

The school offers two undergraduate and three graduate degree options; all students have the option to pursue K–12 licensure. There are many opportunities to perform in a variety of concerts, both through the School of Dance and in musicals and other UNCG productions. Both undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to showcase their choreography.

January 2017 | EditorSpeak

“Studios as Safe Spaces” by Tamsin Nutter: No teacher can fix the world for her kids. Still, we adults owe it to children to be our best selves for them, and with them. We owe them love and safety. We owe them our protection.

“Inherent Value” by Karen White: How many of your studio’s alumni studied dance in college or went on to professional dance careers?

January 2017 | On My Mind

by Rhee Gold

A new year is upon us, the time when we traditionally make resolutions about things we want to change about ourselves—lose a few pounds, read more, budget better, and so on. It’s a great opportunity for studio owners and dance teachers to resolve to change their professional lives for the better too. Here are my suggestions for you to adopt and share.

January 2017 | Teaching Traditions

by Constance Hale

Native Hawaiians often express their way of learning in a neat trio of verbs: ho‘onana, ho‘olohe, ho‘opili (“watch,” “listen,” “imitate”). Whatever the craft, the idea is the same: find a master, open your eyes and ears, and if you don’t get it quite right, trust your teacher to correct you.

January 2017 | 2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Making Tap Dances

Read 2 great tips for tap teachers from the legendary Thelma Goldberg, teacher and director of The Dance Inn in Lexington, Massachusetts, since 1983, who is the author of Thelma’s Tap Notes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Tap: Children’s Edition.

January 2017 | Language of the Heart

by Constance Hale

We are the junior class of San Francisco’s largest hula school, which also happens to be one of the largest hula schools in the world.

January 2017 | Mail

Words from our readers

January 2017 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community
– New Orleans Youth Dance for Social Change
– Chicago Program Supports Dancemakers
– An Inspired Arrangement
– State of Dance in NYC Worrisome

January 2017 | Moving Images

Videos of note (new and not)
1. Argentina
2. La Danse
3. Jirí Kylián: Forgotten Memories
4. You Don’t Need Feet to Dance