September 2013 | Table of Contents

September 2013COLUMNS
Ask Rhee Gold Advice for dance teachers
2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Fine-Tuning Performances By David Arce
2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Drop & Freeze By Geo Hubela
2 Tips for Modern Teachers | Unpacking, Uncovering By Bill Evans
2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Slides & Warm-Up By Gregg Russell
A Better You | Pampering During Pregnancy By Suzanne Martin, PT, DPT
How to make nine months of change easy on the body.
EditorSpeak By Lisa Okuhn and Karen White
FYI What’s Up In the dance community
On My Mind | Words from the Publisher By Rhee Gold

Classroom Connection By Karen White and Holly Derville-Teer
Ideas to incorporate into your curriculum
Mail Words from our readers
Mindful Marketing | Campus Connections By Maureen Janson
Teacher in the Spotlight | Chris Collins
Teachers who make a difference  
Thinking Out Loud | Weight Worries By Beverly Byrd

3 Studios, 1 Dance By Jennifer Kaplan
United Dance blends students from three schools at competitions.
Assemblee Internationale 2013 By Joseph Carman
Canada’s international festival proves there are no borders, nationally or technologically, in ballet.
A World of Dance By Josie G. Sadan
Dance Planet makes Dallas a hotspot each spring.
Ballet Scene | Fabulous Feet By Mme. Peff Modelski
How to give your students freedom and finesse.
Boston’s Irish Invasion | World Irish Dancing By Karen White
Championships make its second U.S. appearance.
Bright Biz Idea | Conquering Competition Costs By Lois O’Brian
Strategies that ease the burden.
Comp Directors Tell All
Their thoughts on talent, trends and tears.
Game Up! By Steve Sucato
An inside look at the studios that sweep competitions.
High Drama, Low Morale? By Debra Danese
How to avoid or fix dance-team troubles.
If C Is for Competition… By Karen White
E is for Etiquette.
Positive Dance Competitions
What teachers and parents do and say to help students get the most out of competing.
Schools with Staying Power | Infinite Possibilities By Rita Felciano
Gus Giordano’s revolutionary jazz dance technique lives on in his 60-year-old school.
Warm Up, Tune In, Let Loose By Megan Donahue
Strategies for prepping students physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Youth Dance Festival By Kay Waters
New Jersey competition nurtures young ballet students.

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