September 2016 | Competition Time! | Table of Contents

Sept '16_Cover_DTS_Large_216x294Competition Time!

September 2016 | Volume 21 Issue 7  | Buy a copy

This month we look at competitions from new angles: the life lessons former comp kids gained from competing, DIY competitions, breaking into adjudication, and a judge’s humorous account of three days on the road.

Plus, our annual Q&A with competition directors, applying athletic concepts to dance training, how students benefit from working with professional company dancers, tips for managing multiple studio locations, and more!

On My Mind
By Rhee Gold
Words from the publisher

By Tamsin Nutter and Thom Watson

2 Tips for Ballet Teachers | Jump Readiness and Ending on 7 (Not 8)
By David Arce

2 Tips for Tap Teachers | Vocabulary Boards and Flash Cards
By Thelma Goldberg

2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers | Modern Dance Walks and Escaping the Mirror
By Patrick Corbin

2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Spins as Accents
By Samara Atkins

2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers | Minkus’ Don Quixote and La Bayadere
By Nina Pinzarrone

Ask Rhee Gold
Advice for dance teachers

Words from our readers

Bulletin Board
Pin. Post. Share.

What’s up in the dance community.

Page Turners
Books of note (new and not).

Moving Images
Videos of note (new and not).

Thinking Out Loud | Totally Teamwork
By Ashley Slemp

Performance Corner
Our sneak peek at shows we’d love to see.

College Close-Ups | University of Michigan
What students need to know about college and university dance programs.

Collective Wisdom
Ideas and advice from our readers.

Competition Time!
Winning at Life
By Joseph Carman
Former competition kids talk lifelong takeaways and career success.

So You Wanna Be a Judge
By Christina Raymond
How to make your adjudication application a knockout.

‎Venue Vagabond
By Diane Gudat
3 Days in the life of a competition judge.

Do-It-Yourself Competitions
By Karen White
How three entrepreneurial women bring dance events to students and communities.

Directors’ Perspective
Competition directors sound off on goals, innovative dances, props, and categories.

Ballet Scene | Performing With the Pros
By Jenny O’Brien
How students benefit from working with company dancers.

Smart Cycles
By Kerry Ring
What dance teachers can learn from athletic training concepts.

Bright Biz Idea | Copy, Paste, Delegate, Thrive
By Tiffany R. Jansen
6 rules to live by for owners of multiple school locations.

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