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July 2017 | Ask Rhee Gold | Retaining Recital Choreography

Advice for dance teachers | Retaining Recital Choreography Dear Rhee, What are your strategies to help students retain recital choreography? This year was especially hard, which resulted in a lot of stress for my students and me. I know I must be missing some tricks of the trade. Any expertise is appreciated. —Mikala Hi Mikala,…

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July 2017 | Ask Rhee Gold | Competition Programs

Advice for dance teachers | Competition Programs Dear Rhee, At what age do you believe a child should begin a competition program? We’ve always started at 10; now parents are asking me if I will accept kids as young as 6. I don’t know if the children and their parents are prepared for the amount…

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July 2017 | Ask Rhee Gold | Special-Needs Students

Advice for dance teachers | Special-Needs Students Dear Rhee, This season I introduced a dance class for children with special needs. I taught the class, but with my limited experience it was a huge growth experience for the kids and me. By the end of the season I was thrilled with what we all accomplished.…

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March-April 2017 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: The Power of Questions
by Holly Derville-Teer

By questioning rather than chastising, Edwards maintained control of the classroom. I was impressed by how the dancers listened. Answering questions also increased their level of engagement.

Reality Check: Sensitivity and Caring
Q. I have a talented dancer who lost an arm in an accident. She came back to ballet class and is doing amazingly well, but I don’t want to pretend that this is not going to affect her balance or her dancing. How do I navigate this situation with sensitivity and caring?

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March-April 2017 | Cool & Contemporary

by Thom Watson

In wide-ranging conversations about contemporary dance, DSL asked celebrated choreographers Tyce Diorio, Teddy Forance, Mia Michaels, and Derrick Schrader how they define the genre, the pros and cons of making dance in an age when dance videos are ubiquitous online, where they find inspiration for their work, and how they approach choreographing and staging contemporary dance. We also asked for their advice for dance teachers in hometown studios.

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January 2017 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Resistance Band Exercises
Consider integrating stretch/resistance band exercises into pointe and pre-pointe classes to strengthen dancers’ feet and ankles.

Reality Check: Communication Challenge
Q. I’m looking for ideas that will help multiple front desk staffers handle office communication more effectively. Example: Suzy’s mom calls about registration. One staffer calls back and leaves a message—which is noted in the message book—but no one follows up or calls the mom again. Does anyone have a solution? —Neala Dunn

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November 2016 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Picturing Dance
Dance photos can support your curriculum and offer playful springboards for activities with students—from preschoolers to high schoolers.

Reality Check: Tough Moments
Q. I just lost my first student to another studio. I understand we all offer different things and people will choose what matches their needs best. But it still hurts and makes me wonder if I am doing enough. How do you handle these moments?

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July 2016 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Fun and Games: Games are often incorporated into classes for young dancers, yet just as often are eliminated as students mature in age and dance ability. However, games are a great way to refocus and reenergize even preteen and teenage students. Here are some I enjoy.

Reality Check: Progress Reports: Q. Do you do end-of-year progress reports for company members and/or recreational students? Do you keep copies or have the students return the originals to you?
—Catharine Skidmore

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July 2015 | Collective Wisdom

“Classroom Connection: Ballet Challenge”: Once a year my 6- to 10-year-old ballet students play a game I call “Ballet Challenge.” For a week or two before the challenge, we review proper terminology and correct execution of steps. During warm-ups we go over terms like chassé, bourrée, etc.

“Reality Check: Advice”: Q: Has anyone had measurable success with advertising? We’re a successful studio and have been in business for 15 years, but have gotten almost no measurable results from advertising in Yellow Pages, local newspapers, Facebook, Google, Welcome Wagon, social media marketing, or a discount program with local employers. While Facebook raised our visibility, no new business came from any of our direct advertising efforts. Have you had different results? —Fred Mitchell

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