Mark Morris’ Company Dancers Travel East and West; Reunite in China

The Mark Morris Dance Group is simultaneously going west and east from mid-October through November, as for the first time in the company’s 34-year history, it splits into two groups.

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Young Joffrey Pre-Professionals to Perform, Compete, During First Visit to China

Joffrey Ballet Concert Group, the pre-professional performance company of the Joffrey Ballet School, will depart on October 10 on its first tour to the People’s Republic of China.

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National Dance Institute’s China Project Train Young Dancers

After three years of training by American dancers, a group of Shanghai students put on a dance performance for teachers and parents last Wednesday, according to CCTV. The event was part of a three-year pilot program set up by the National Dance Institute, the U.S. nonprofit organization that introduces children to the arts.

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City Dwellers in China Try to Squash Seniors’ Tradition of Public Dancing

In China, there is a new group stirring up controversy: middle-aged and retired city dwellers dancing together in parks and squares.

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January 2014 | FYI

26 FYI 3

What’s up in the dance community:

For the Love of Dance and Photography

Schools Study Educational Benefits of Dance

Applause Continues for Tharp and Baryshnikov

Contemporary Tour of China

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Atlanta Ballet Sole U.S. Representative at China’s First “International Ballet Season”

Atlanta Ballet will begin its upcoming season with a two-week tour to China—the first major international tour in more than 10 years for the 84-year-old company.

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ADF Teaching Award for Yang Meiqi

Yang Meiqi, who pioneered modern dance in her native China, will be awarded the 2010 Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching by the American Dance Festival in a ceremony July 18 at Duke University’s West Campus in Durham, North Carolina. Choreographer Shen Wei, founder of Shen Wei Dance Arts and a former student of Yang Meiqi, will speak at the ceremony.

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