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March-April 2011 | EditorSpeak

In this issue we asked dozens of people to share their thoughts on how to define that ever-elusive dance form, contemporary. But the fact that we even try to put parameters on an art form got me thinking. Human beings like labels.

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January 2011 | World-Class World Dance

When Azin Mahoozi Shalan was growing up, dance classes were forbidden to her. Yet today, as director of her own dance company and a dance studio owner, Shalan has overcome cultural and religious impediments to reshape her life while opening up a world of dance—literally—to her students in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.

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September 2010 | Take the Plunge

Performing—it’s what dancers do. And if your students need more than an annual recital and maybe a holiday show, it’s time to think about starting a performance or competition company. The benefits are numerous, from providing your dancers with more opportunities for artistic growth (and fun) to your own joy and pride as you watch your students show off their technical skill and love of dance.

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