March-April 2016 | EditorSpeak

Photo by Chris Hardy

“Put On Your Red Shoes . . .”: In 1983, David Bowie extended an invitation: “Let’s Dance.” The title track of his Grammy Award–nominated album provided the focus for the first mixtape I ever created, and the inspiration that same year to enter—and complete—a 12-hour dance marathon benefiting a housing project. But for me, and countless others in the 1970s and ’80s, Bowie offered much more than an invitation to dance. For LGBT youth, in particular, Bowie’s mere existence could be a lifeline.

“Just Dance”: The teacher’s dilemma was common, one about mean girls and ugly tweets and hurt feelings. “Help,” she cried out on Facebook. Thanks to team-building exercises and a party, the year had started out splendidly, but now she wondered what to do.

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November 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Yes, You Canva


Social media marketing can seem daunting, with no one-size-fits-all solution. Facebook’s cover photo size and ratio differ from Twitter’s and Instagram’s. The ideal size for a Facebook post is different from that for a Facebook ad. Recommended sizes don’t remain constant over time. And not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer.

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Appropriate content

You are not only a dance teacher; you are a mentor and a leader. This means that you set the example for your students. Please think about what you post on your Facebook page . . . be sure that it is appropriate for your students (who look up to you) to see. Don’t tell them you got lucky last night or that you are going on a drinking binge this weekend. Have a great day–Rhee

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September 2011 | Mindful Marketing | Back-to-School Momentum

September and October are prime time for dance studios. Schools are back in session and parents are busy signing kids up for after-school activities. Make the most of the momentum with these tips to maximize the back-to-school enrollment wave.

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August 2010 | Ask Rhee Gold

Hi Rhee,
With the onset of everything Internet, I have staff asking to be “friended” by their students, which they have done. Consequently, students contact them instead of me, the director, regarding studio info. Also, one teacher puts on her personal Facebook page what classes and where she is teaching. (She’s also with another studio, miles away from mine.)

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August 2010 | EditorSpeak

Flash mobs. Specifically, dance flash mobs. They’re all over YouTube, and judging by the frequency with which people on Facebook link to them, they’re as popular with non-dance folks as with dancerly types. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out on some big fun.

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July 2010 | EditorSpeak

The ABCs of Image
I hear a lot of talk about professionalism these days. I doubt I could find a dance teacher or school owner who doesn’t claim to have the training, experience, credibility, and expertise that we associate with being a professional. But even when you’ve got all those attributes, you need one more thing: presentation. If you make yourself look careless or uninformed—or even worse, uneducated—you’ve blown that professional image to smithereens.

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July 2010 | Friends, Fans, and Followers

It’s never been easier to get the word out about your studio. School owners now have a plethora of online marketing opportunities to choose from to reach students and parents, including popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Learning how to put online marketing to use may seem daunting, but dance studio owners can harness the power of social media to help build their businesses. All it takes is a little research, experimentation, and effort.

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Networking on the Web

If you’re the least bit cyber-savvy, you’ve heard of MySpace and Facebook, two networking sites that have a huge following among the youth (and beyond) of the world. And maybe, knowing that, you dismissed them as having nothing to do with you or your business. Not so fast! You can use these heavily trafficked sites to increase your school’s visibility and send potential clients to your website.

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