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October 2016 | Mindful Marketing | From the Heart

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Please take a moment to turn off all cellphones, and for our dancers’ safety . . .” All of us hear words to that effect at every show we attend, including recitals. For studio owners, that little recital speech is a perfect marketing opportunity. Where else can you address your entire clientele, plus potential new clients, all at once, in an atmosphere of excitement? It’s a time when your students and their families feel most invested in your school—and that means it’s a good time to reinforce those feelings with a positive message about the value of dance training in general and your school in particular.

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August 2016 | On My Mind

Not too long ago, marketing at most dance schools meant investing big bucks in printing, postage, and newspaper ads. Many school owners couldn’t pay for that kind of marketing, but nowadays, social media puts all schools on a level playing field. My motto is “Give it the time, and it will give you the return.” Where many school owners make mistakes, however—and squelch their social media success—is in moving beyond dance into hot-topic issues in their posts.

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August 2016 | Bright Biz Idea | Social Media Gurus and Sunshine Directors

Many school owners, when they think of hiring non-teaching support staff, want someone to run the front desk. However, in the 21st century, operating a dance studio requires not only a website but also a social media presence, marketing skills, and, often, offerings beyond dance classes, such as birthday parties and competition teams. Studio owners who limit their employee roster to teachers and receptionists may be missing out on creative ways to boost revenue. Read on to explore how some studio owners are delegating important roles, freeing themselves to focus on teaching and their school’s overall health.

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July 2016 | Mindful Marketing | “Sell” Your Studio at Holiday Events

My school, Perna Dance Center, does many holiday-related performance events and participates in community and charitable activities throughout the year. For each holiday, a troupe of volunteer dancers is assigned to perform at events. All these occasions are good marketing opportunities for the school, but they require some marketing of their own.

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November 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Yes, You Canva

Social media marketing can seem daunting, with no one-size-fits-all solution. Facebook’s cover photo size and ratio differ from Twitter’s and Instagram’s. The ideal size for a Facebook post is different from that for a Facebook ad. Recommended sizes don’t remain constant over time. And not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer.

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October 2015 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community

Warming of U.S.–Cuba Relations Leads to Historic Giselle

Louisville Ballet Benefits From $1 Million Anonymous Gift

Risky Marketing Makeover Yields Big Rewards

I’ll Take That Dance to Go

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September 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Rethinking Tradition

When I vented my frustration to my non-dancer husband, he asked why we did it this way. Stunned, I stared at him and said, “But it’s always been done that way.” Wrong answer. Clearly everyone else’s old ways of doing “it” weren’t working. We needed to change “it.”

The first thing I did was eliminate the words but and always from my vocabulary. Then I began finding solutions.

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August 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Teen Talk

Attracting teen beginning dancers is a wonderful way to grow your studio. Here’s how to market beginning programs in ways that will capture the attention of teens and get them talking, posting, and texting about your school.

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July 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Creativity Makes the Most of Nutcracker

The Ballet Company of East County (BCEC), in Brentwood, California, has been producing a Nutcracker for 10 years. In that time we have tried many different internal and external marketing techniques, including the expected ones like newspaper articles, local parades, farmers markets, flyers, and posters. But we like to come up with new, fun ideas.

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May-June 2015 | Mindful Marketing | Instagram: Do It Your Selfie

Instagram is a fun (and free) way to engage your students and increase your school’s visibility. This photo-based social media app is very popular with tweens, teens, and young adults, and it’s easy to use—you simply upload photos you take with your camera or smartphone to your account. With a studio Instagram account, you can post pictures of classes, publicize studio announcements and student achievements, promote your registration days, and so on.

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August 2014 | Mindful Marketing | Registration Know-How

When I opened my dance studio 17 years ago, registration opened shortly before classes started in September and closed in November. Over the years, however, I lengthened the registration cycle, and now enrollment happens nearly year-round.

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May-June 2014 | Mindful Marketing | Target Audiences

Your biggest competition isn’t the studio down the street; it’s the other activities that vie for our students’ attention. With a vast array of afterschool activities available to most kids, it’s more important than ever to create a sense of urgency and excitement about your dance studio’s registration season. Delivering unique messages to different target audiences can move potential clients from inaction to action when it comes to registration and commitment.

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January 2014 | Mindful Marketing | Power of Perks

School owners are always looking for new and exciting ways to market their businesses. But for most of us, many opportunities already exist in our studios’ perks, programs, and other offerings. In marketing our current studio offerings as something special, we save money as well as time and creative energy.

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December 2013 | Mindful Marketing | Online Integrity

Social media’s popularity has given studio owners a bonanza of (free!) marketing opportunities. But because social-media platforms are so easy to use and because they feel informal, it’s also easy to forget that your studio’s reputation is on the line with each word you type and each photo you post. Don’t let missteps get in the way of your efforts. Keep your online integrity intact with these tips.

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October 2013 | Mindful Marketing | Social (Media) Savvy

Most studio owners say they use social media. But there is a big difference between being on social media and using it as an effective marketing strategy. The idea is to get your audience involved, share value-added content, and get friends and followers to share your message.

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February 2013 | On My Mind

We are in conference mode here at the Rhee Gold Company and Dance Studio Life. What started as Project Motivate with 20 attendees in 1998 has morphed into the DanceLife Teacher Conference, which attracts more than 700 teachers, school owners, and studio managers from across the United States and Canada, and from as far away as Italy and Australia.

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November 2012 | Mindful Marketing | A Birdie on Your Shoulder

As it so happens, there is a little bird that can help keep your customers informed and do much more—Twitter. As you probably know, it’s a micro-blogging social network whose logo is a bird, and the messages exchanged are called “tweets.” But have you thought about it as a marketing tool for your dance studio? Twitter can reach your customer base and beyond, giving your school a connection to prospective customers, your customers’ family members and friends, and other dance organizations.

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October 2012 | Mindful Marketing | Getting Connected With LinkedIn

For many people, the word “marketing” drums up colorful images of advertising: print and television ads, brochures and flyers, websites and blogs. But that’s not all marketing can be. For dance teachers—and studio owners in particular—marketing must go above and beyond common, passive forms of advertising to showcase the value of our skills and services and build and sustain positive relationships.

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