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Dance With Destiny

Milk Carton on a String changes its students’—and its founder’s—lives Introduction by Alaina Leary Photos and captions by Caroline Poppell Shortly after a massive earthquake rocked Haiti in 2010, Caroline Poppell—who was pursuing a dance career in New York City at the time—took a mission trip to the country, an experience that rocked her world.…

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A Ballerina’s Gift

I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than a hot bath and bed, but something kept me from brushing this girl off. All I had left were my warm-up shoes—de-shanked and shabby—but on impulse I dug into my ballet bag, pulled them out, and offered them to her. The huge smile that instantly transformed her face brought a smile to mine as well, and I asked for her sister’s name so I could sign the shoes.

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