May-June 2012 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Across-the-Floor Moves

By Geo Hubela

Tip One
The funky walk is the first progression in my classes: step forward on the right foot, hands in fists straight down over the foot. As the knees bend, drop the torso and pull the arms up while doing a double bounce; repeat on the left leg. Tell beginners to mimic pulling up their pants—it works! Many beginners punch down as they drop, but you want them to work in opposition, pulling up as they drop.

For advanced levels I add variations, such as pivots, steps on the off-beat (the “and”), and footwork. Make basic moves more fun and challenging by building on them without ever leaving the basics.

Tip Two
The hip-hop slide, done corner to corner to keep it advancing, is the second move in my progressions. Again, the biggest challenge is the opposition of the upper body and the legs. When sliding, arms should go away from the direction of the slide. Hands can be in fists or just open and relaxed. Most important is keeping the feet on the floor; otherwise the slide becomes a step. Add variations, like a “raise the roof” with a double bounce, before sliding to the opposite side.