October 2013 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Building Endurance

By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
Dancers must have endurance to keep movement looking strong, clean, and sharp from the beginning to the end, especially important in hip-hop battles. To improve dancers’ stamina, incorporate hip-hop movement into aerobic interval training, and keep the dancers moving for at least an entire song, repeating simple steps. Remember to work levels too.


Tip 2
From the back of the room, step the right foot toward the right corner (into second position) on 1; on “and,” throw and wrap the arms around the body. Step left to the left front corner on 2 in similar fashion; on the “and,” open the arms wide. Alternate right and left for 8 counts.

Traveling backward, step back on 1 on the right foot toward the back right corner, arms above the head with bent elbows; on the “and,” drop the arms to the sides and bend the knees while hunching over. Repeat to the left and continue for 8 counts, alternating sides. Repeat forward and back, for a half to full song—two to three minutes.