May-June 2014 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Cross-Touch and Moon Walk

By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
Here’s how to teach a cross-touch with a two-point turn: starting on the right foot, have students cross the right foot over the left on 1 and step out on the left on 2. The left foot crosses over on 3, stepping out on the right on 4; repeat the right foot crossover on 5, stepping out on the left on 6.

Now add the two-point turn on 7-8. Keeping the weight on the center (right) foot, turn to the inside (to the right) 180 degrees, tapping the left foot on 7 (students should now be facing back); continue the inside turn, finishing front on 8. The arms follow the legs, crossing on the cross step and opening on the step out. On the turn, arms cross on 7 and open on 8.

Repeat the entire exercise beginning with a left foot crossover on 1 and with an inside two-point turn to the left. Then try the exercise backwards, where the two-point turn becomes an outside turn.


Tip 2
“Walking on the moon” requires great stability and control; core strength is essential in perfecting this move. The body will appear to move in slow motion and every muscle will be engaged and working. The movement of the arms is similar to jogging: bent elbows, in opposition to the legs but in a slow, controlled motion.

The first move, stepping out on the right foot, is the most powerful. The left foot kicks back and circles forward in a running motion. When the left foot reaches the right knee, step onto the left foot while the right leg circles.

I do this exercise in 8- and 4-count intervals across the floor. The longer the intervals are, the more difficult the exercise is. Focus on getting dancers to engage the core and squeeze their muscles for control.