September 2013 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Drop & Freeze

2 Tips Hip-Hop
By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
There are many kinds of drops: the sweep, coin, and thread drops, and more. One of the simplest is the knee drop, which gives the illusion of collapsing one leg with a kick.

From standing (“toprock”), the left leg lifts back and cross-kicks into the back of the right knee; as the leg collapses, you drop forward. Instead of dropping to the right knee, land on your bent left toes. The right knee never hits the floor. From here, move into floor work (“downrock”) or hit a freeze.


Tip 2
One of the easiest dynamic stops is the baby freeze. (Use caution when teaching all breakdance moves.) In a squat, place both hands on the floor to the right of the body, fingers angled outward in opposite directions. With arms close to the body, press the right elbow into the right side and shift to the right until the right knee is resting on the bent left elbow. With your weight placed on both elbows, rest the side of the head on the floor and lift both legs off the floor.