March-April 2012 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Fun and Easy Moves

By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
The Dougie was inspired by ’80s rapper Doug E. Fresh. The move mimics the way he used to rub his hand along his head from front to back. Although there are many versions, the basic move involves casual shoulder leans and elbow twists while rocking side to side. Keeping the groove is most important: left, right, double left and a right, left, double right, repeatedly. Add your own swag and freestyle to it to make your Dougie unique.

Tip 2
The Cat Daddy, another popular urban dance move, goes hand in hand with the Dougie; both of these moves are very recognizable by today’s youth. Let’s break it down: cross your arms in front of you, then bring them straight behind you and follow with dropping down low and moving your hands front to back as if propelling yourself in a wheelchair. Again, your groove to the music is key to making this move work. Add style to it by changing direction and sides.