March-April 2013 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Slides

By Geo Hubela

Tip 1
To teach what looks like a knee slide, have students crouch with feet shoulder-width apart and put the left hand on the floor. They push off, transferring the weight to the left arm as they slide on the side of the left calf around the supporting arm. As the slide begins, the torso remains lifted and away from the supporting arm. The right leg remains parallel to the left, held off the floor in somewhat of a side attitude, foot flexed.

Tip 2
In a combination, have students start on the right with a kick ball change (1 & 2), then repeat left (3 & 4), and then do a quick ball change right-left (& 5) while squatting and prepping for the slide. As they slide past the supporting arm, the right foot moves toward the front of the body and the weight transfers onto it. Rise, turning outward over the left shoulder and stepping onto the left foot, facing front. Repeat, starting with kick ball change on the right foot again.