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Dance Studio Life 2018 Editorial Content (comprehensive)

All issues will contain general-interest dance stories in addition to the themed content. The following departments run in all or some of the issues:

  • Readers’ Guide to Advertisers
  • 1,000 Words: fabulous dance photos
  • 2 Tips for Ballet Teachers: pointers from former San Francisco Ballet dancer and respected teacher David Arce
  • 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers: pointers from Rock Steady Crew b-boy Anthony "Ynot" DeNaro and Mix'd Ingrdnts co-founder Samara Atkins
  • 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Dance Teachers: pointers from former Paul Taylor Dance Company dancer and current USC faculty member Patrick Corbin and Phoenix Project Dance director Amber Perkins
  • 2 Tips for Tap Dance Teachers: pointers from master teacher Thelma Goldberg
  • 2 Tips for Preschool Teachers: Susan Bennett gives games, classroom management tips and more
  • 2  Music Tips for Dance Teachers: pointers from SF Ballet accompanist Nina Pinzarrone
  • Ask Rhee Gold: advice for dance teachers
  • Competition Zone: Competition/convention directors dish on hot topics like artistry, scoring and more
  • Ballet Scene: contemporary or classical ballet topics
  • Bright Biz Idea: the business side of dance education
  • Bulletin Board: what's new online, dance history, dancer quotations
  • Collective Wisdom: insights from and Q&A with experienced educators
  • College Close-Ups: profiles of college and university dance programs
  • Dance HQ: dance history quiz with fun facts for teachers and students
  • Did You Know?: Get quizzes, coloring pages, fun classroom-ready history lessons and more
  • Editor Speak: thoughts from the editorial staff
  • FYI: what’s up in the dance community
  • Higher-Ed Voice: dance education from a higher-ed perspective
  • Inspiration Wall: Gorgeous photos get the creativity flowing
  • Media Hub: Stay curios and get inspired with a sampling of cool dance movies, TV, books, apps and websites
  • Mindful Marketing: tips and perspectives for better marketing
  • Moving Images: notable dance films and DVDs
  • On My Mind: musings and opinions from Rhee Gold
  • Page Turners: notable dance books
  • Performance Corner: our sneak peeks at dance shows we'd love to see
  • Studio Style: Renovations, makeovers, build-outs, starter studios, dreams studios - learn how savvy owners do it
  • Taking Care of Business: Rock your planning, delegating and more with tips from Teri Mangiaratti
  • Teacher Tune-Up: Feeling burnt out? Teacher/life coach Sandi Duncan talks you through ideas for change
  • Thinking Out Loud: a personal experience/opinion department

Be sure to check out all of the NEW issue themes, special features and content for 2018 below!

Jan '17_Cover_DTS_Large_216x294

January: The Language of Dance

We may come from different places, but we all speak dance! This issue has a worldly vibe, with features on hip-hop as a global phenomenon, the international ballet festival happening in a small Montana town, an East Coast dance program with Latin roots, the geography and history of ballet’s main styles, and more.
Plus: Our preview of the latest costume and backdrops.   

Feb '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

Body & Mind + Summer

Cultivate your best self and get ready for the upcoming summer season with this issue, which focuses on mental and physical well-being. From preparing to take time off (without stressing out) to adding conditioning to your schedule, your happier, healthier studio experience starts here!
Plus: Our annual roundup of summertime teacher-training programs

Mar '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

Technique & Training

This issue spotlights key skills across dance genres. We'll dig into best practices for teaching improv, tips for no-stress choreography cleaning, how to preserve a dance legacy through multiple generations, and much more.
Plus: Emergency and disaster preparedness for your studio 

May '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

Business Bonanza

Our business issue is a comprehensive resource for readers, with ideas on motivating veteran teachers, navigating the ins and outs of fiscal sponsorship, transferring your business to a new owner, and more.
Plus: The latest in business tools and tech

Jul '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

July: Holiday/Seasonal Shows + Choreography

Holiday shows are a big part of many studios’ offerings -- in this issue we'll cover how to give your Nutcracker local flavor, fun ways to market your show, creative camp ideas, the best way to do message choreography, and more!
Plus: Our annual collection of the hottest holiday costumes and backdrops

Aug '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

August: Season Opener

Discover new ideas, programs, tools, and inspiration to help you map out your curriculum and run your business effectively. This issue, a longtime reader favorite, is a must-have resource for planning your next season.
Plus: A grab bag of new products for dance schools and classrooms

Sept '17_Cover_FB and DTS_Large_216x294

September: Competitions & Conventions

Preparing for competitions and conventions is fun, challenging, and rewarding. This popular issue offers expert advice and behind-the-scenes perspectives on how to make this season your best yet.We'll explore paying your way to competition, team mentorship, group travel, and who owns choreography. Don't miss out!

Oct '16_Cover_DTS_Large_216x294

October: Recital Roundup

Recitals give kids a chance to shine, but they’re also big business for dance studios. This issue, one of our biggest of the year, covers every step of the recital process, with valuable tips on marketing your studio, overcoming challenges, and reaping rewards.
Plus: A shop-till-you-drop collection of recital costumes and props

Nov '16_Cover_DTS_Large_216x294

November: Our Kids

Students are a dance studio’s most precious asset. In this issue, we’ll offer strategies to deal with drama, combat senioritis, share important lessons beyond the classroom, and keep kids safe.
Plus: A potpourri of classroom products and dance accessories

Dec '16_Cover_DTS_Large_216x294

The Soul of Dancing

A dance studio is more than just a business: it’s a place where children learn, grow, and make a lifetime of memories. In this issue, we honor teachers, studios, and students who inspire us with their perseverance, innovative ideas, and generous spirit.
Plus: Our at-your-fingertips annual listings of competitions and conventions