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Advice for Dance Teachers

Q: Dear Rhee,

Do you have a solid estimate of how much time teachers should spend on class planning per class? I know it varies depending on the discipline, but I’m trying to help my two full-time staff members figure out what portion of their work week can reasonably be spent on class plans. —Sandra

A: Dear Sandra,

That’s a good question, but one that’s hard to answer definitively. It takes quite a bit of effort and time for a teacher to create lesson plans for a new class she hasn’t taught before. But once a teacher is confident that the plans she’s put in place cover her objectives for each lesson and meet her overall educational goals, those plans would only need to be tweaked with each new season as she adjusts to a new set of students. Those original lesson plans will serve as a reference guide to all future class planning.

Let’s consider an experienced teacher who handles between eight and 10 classes a week. I’d say that teacher would probably spend a couple of hours each week on class planning—with perhaps slightly more time required at the beginning of the year. I hope this helps. —Rhee