Ask Rhee Gold | Looking for New Teachers

Advice for Dance Teachers

Q: Dear Rhee,

What is the best time of the year to search for new teachers? I’m looking for someone to start in the fall. Is it too soon to post an ad? I’m thinking the sooner the better, so that the teachers I hire can make any plans they need. Also, do you have any tips for rural studios about the best methods for promoting teaching positions? —Megan


A: Dear Megan,

Now is always a good time. You can collect resumes from potential faculty all year long. Start by creating a Job Opportunities page on your website. List the different styles of dance you offer and the different skills you look for when hiring teachers. Don’t be overly specific—some applicants may not be right for a staff position, but could be qualified to work as substitutes, master teachers, or guest choreographers. You might find that you are collecting resumes from teachers who could add something totally new or different to your studio’s curriculum.

Share the link to your website’s Job Opportunities page on your social media accounts at least once a month. Post it on studio owner or dance teacher groups on Facebook and other similar platforms. There are numerous job posting sites such as Craigslist—I’ve had good experience with Indeed, where I’ve found quality applicants who seem to have it together.

During your search, ask applicants to send you links to videos of their teaching or choreography on YouTube or other video platforms. Those videos will help you evaluate whether their work is appropriate for your needs.

If you’re looking for faculty to teach both recreational and advanced students, be sure to investigate first what the candidates can offer your recreational kids. Often teachers are good with advanced students, but not so great with novice or recreational students. I probably wouldn’t hire a candidate like that because I need faculty who will work enthusiastically with every child who dances through our classrooms.

Good luck with your search.  —Rhee