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Advice for dance teachers

Q: Dear Rhee,

Is it OK for parents to contact dance teachers through text messages? I feel like I am at work 24/7 because there are messages waiting for me when I wake up, and more messages come in all day and night. I never have the chance to fully get away from work, and I am beginning to resent it. Am I wrong? —Felicia


A: Dear Felicia,

It’s not OK for parents to text you 24 hours a day. (How did they get your cellphone number? I am sure that you are not texting them at all hours of the day.) Stop responding to the texts with answers to the clients’ questions. Instead, send out a simple response that says, “Thanks for your message. All business questions should be sent through the studio email address—that is the best way for me to stay on top of your questions. Have a great day.”

You deserve to occasionally shut off dance, especially first thing in the morning or late at night. If you organize your correspondence through your office, you will be able to review and respond to queries at your convenience. All the best. —Rhee