Ask Rhee Gold | Staying in the know

Advice for dance teachers

Q: Dear Rhee,

After 26 years of owning my studio, I have stepped back from being at the studio every day. I enjoy doing my daily office work in my home office where I am not distracted by all the goings-on when the studio is in full swing. Yet I’m starting to realize that my office manager is not telling me about everything happening at the studio while I am away. I appreciate that she feels she can take care of things, but I still want to know about upset clients or incidents with students or teachers.

Her intentions are good, but I want to know more than she is telling me. Do you have any ideas? —Lora

A: Dear Lora,

You are right to want to stay on top of everything going on at your business. Ask your office manager to send you a daily report detailing activities and incidents such as disgruntled parents or students, faculty concerns, deliveries, new student enrollments, current student withdrawals, faculty absences and substitutes, student injuries, etc. Ask her to include details—for example, what was the reason for the student withdrawal? What were the circumstances of the student injury? Figure out what you need to know, and ask for it.

Weekly, or on a regular schedule that works for you, meet with your office manager to go over the daily reports and ask questions. This will keep you both dancing to the same beat. All the best. —Rhee