August 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

I love this [“2 Tips for Tap Teachers: Mixed Levels,” January 2015]! I feel like tap is losing momentum and as instructors we need to have the knowledge to teach multiple levels in one class. When I started tap I felt lost, so as an instructor I will do whatever is needed to make students feel more confident. Nice tip.

Melissa Holdener Cook
Bonney Lake, WA


The cover of the March/April issue is fabulous! It is one of the best dance images I have ever seen. His position is remarkable and technically perfect. The layout and colors are perfect as well!

Richard Calmes
Hiawassee, GA


It warmed my heart to see Joan Lather celebrated in “Teacher in the Spotlight” [May/June 2015]. I first met her at one of Danny Hoctor’s Dance [Caravan] conventions and loved her fun, caring ways. After moving to New York City, I was blessed to become an assistant to Luigi and got to know her, her husband George, and kids because they were always on Caravan tours together. I remember Joan bringing students to Luigi’s Jazz Centre and most notably her teenage son Barry, who became a big choreographer for Janet Jackson and others. Luigi was proud. Thank you for refreshing my memories.

Francis J. Roach
Luigi’s Jazz Centre
New York, NY