August 2017 | Season Opener!

Season Opener!

August 2017 | Volume 22 | Issue 6 | Buy a copy

It’s the start of a new dance season, and anticipation is in the air. In studios everywhere there will be new students and new challenges, perhaps even new colleagues or a fresh new physical space. No one knows what the coming year will hold—but today, rejuvenated and with a clean slate, we’re not just ready to begin again, but eager. Welcome back!

Throughout the month of August, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by September 1.

Cover photo: North Atlanta Dance Academy teacher Stacey Slichter. Photo by Richard Calmes.


On My Mind
Words from the publisher.

That’s the Work
Tamsin Nutter
Weird Science
Karen White

Tips for Ballet Teachers | “Music Is the Boss” and Ballet Knees
David Arce 

Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Building Community in Class
Samara Atkins

New! Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Communication: Receptive & Expressive Language
Tricia Gomez

New! Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | Common Mistakes New Small Businesses Make
Michelle Cote

Teacher Tune-Up | The Feeling Is Mutual
Sandi Duncan

Ask Rhee Gold | Advice for dance teachers
Ending Class on a Positive Note
Changing Your Faculty’s Perspective on Competition
The Importance of the Recital


FYI | What’s up in the dance community
Free Dance Offerings in August
Opportunities Expand With Jacob’s Pillow Five-Year Plan
Indianapolis School Goes Pro
Cultures Find Common Ground in Dance

Media Hub | Onscreen, on the page, and online.
Martha & Niki
Women in Dance: Trisha Brown
Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance
Ballet a la Russe

Competition Zone | Artistry With Cathy Roe
Karen White

Studio Style | West Valley Dance Academy
Makeovers, renovations, and dream spaces.
Heather Turbeville

New! Wearing It Well | By Design With Lauren Weissman
Karen White

Did You Know? | Dance History Quiz
Styles of Hip-Hop
Whipped Cream Costumes
Gene Kelley’s Tap Sounds
Stage Names vs Birth Names
The Famous Dirty Dancing Lift
Dance and Politics
From Dancer to Dance Costumer
Fly Girls and Judges

Collective Wisdom | Ideas and advice from our readers.
Reality Check
Classroom Connection


A Culture of Kindness, by and for Kids
by Bonner Odell
National Wingman for Dance empowers students to create a welcoming environment.

Season Opener!
Best Job Ever
by Chris Koseluk
Teaching dance can be frustrating, exhausting, and low-paying. So why do we do it?

Class Act
by Casey C. Davenport
How to create effective—and adaptable—lesson plans.

Athletics vs. Arabesques
by Joseph Carman
How dance teachers manage studio time for students in sports.

Time on Your Side
by Debra Danese
Get organized with recital and competition timelines.

Check, Please
by Jill Randall
How to vet potential studio employees.

Top Gear
Specialty dancewear, great gifts, rolling bags, and pickle juice.