August 2018 | Season Opener

Season Opener

August 2018 | Volume 23 | Issue 6 | Buy a copy

Is there anything more exciting than a fresh beginning? Before your first class this year, look at yourself in the mirror and think, “What have I always wanted to do here? What dreams do I have for myself and my students?” Then step back, straighten your dancer spine, and ask, “What am I waiting for?”

Throughout August, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by September 1.

On the cover: Dancer Dario Natarelli, from Jordan Matter’s forthcoming book Born to Dance. Photo by Jordan Matter Photography


On My Mind | Words from the publisher.

Don’t Apologize
Karen White

Tips for Ballet Teachers | Holding Plié and Feeling “Ballet Muscles”
David Arce

Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Scaffolding Difficult Moves
Samara Atkins

Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Finding the Just-Right Challenge
Tricia Gomez

In My Humble Opinion | Keeping the Fire Burning
Thelma Goldberg

Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | You Need a Business Plan—and Here’s Why
Bruce Lubatkin

Teacher Tune-Up | Kindness in Our Community
Sandi Duncan

Ask Rhee Gold | Advice for dance teachers
Social media marketing
Saying no to perks for friends
Stepping back


FYI | What’s up in the dance community.
Jazz History Unspools in Transmission
This Summer, the Dance Party Is in Detroit
Crews Converge at Block Party
Dancing Dreamers Curriculum Expands

Media Hub | Onscreen, on the page, and online.
Breathing Life Into Dance: One Teacher’s Perspective
One Day Pina Asked
The Men Who Danced

Competition Zone | The Value of Understudies
Joan F. Smith

Studio Style | Dance Innovations Dance Center
Makeovers, renovations, and dream spaces
Heather Turbeville 

Did You Know? | Dance History Quiz
The dancer who gave Motown its moves
A skeleton in dance class
Chinchilla of dance
A short-lived dance-sport hybrid
Helgi Tomasson’s competitor
New name for an old theater
New Dance Group

Collective Wisdom | Ideas and advice from teachers.
Classroom Connection: The Mirror and Me
Classroom Connection: Observation Day

Season Opener

Making the Message Heard
by Jill Randall
Studios have many ways to communicate with clients—but is anyone listening?

Invitation to Talk
by Tamsin Nutter
Whether you hold staff meetings or one-on-one coffee chats, make sure you’re
making time to listen to your employees’ suggestions.

by Debra Danese
Take advantage of today’s tumbling craze by adding acro dance to your schedule. 

The Kids Are All Right
by Thelma Goldberg
Teaching other people’s children takes you away from your own. How to make that work
for you, and them.

Growing Pains
by Andrea Ekmark
Healthy student enrollment is vital to financial success. Here’s how to make it happen.

If I Only Knew . . .
by Michelle Jones Wurtz
Studio owners look back at how it all began, and the lessons they’ve learned. 

Great Gear
Items to start your season off in style.