Dollars Cents and Due Diligence

Dollars, Cents & Due Diligence | How Can I Save on Taxes?

by Michelle Cote When you make a profit as a business owner, that’s such a proud moment. Then your accountant tells you your tax bill. You think, “Was there any way I could have saved on my taxes?” There are ways to save tax dollars, some complex, some that involve spending money. Please consult your…

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Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | Common Mistakes New Small Businesses Make

by Michelle Cote So you’re opening a new dance studio, you’re excited, and you’re sure the location and space will work. In my work as an accountant, I’ve seen small-business owners—both new and existing—make various financial mistakes. Here a few common mistakes to watch out for: Undercharging. New business owners frequently undercharge for services, hoping…

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