Tips for Preschool Teachers

Tips for Preschool Teachers | Teaching Global Dance

by Susan Bennett Teaching global (world) dances to preschoolers is easy and fun when you focus on elements of dance. All global dances have common elements: tempo, formation, purpose, and specific steps. Set the rhythm with up-tempo music. (Look for the genre “World Music,” which generally represents various global cultures, online or in stores.) Have…

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Tips for Preschool Teachers | Clear Instructions and Key Words

by Susan Bennett Tip 1 Clear instructions create a successful, fun, and safe environment for preschool students. Preschoolers are eager to follow instructions, have fun, and please the teacher. They need clear, brief, and literal instructions. Clear instructions include what, where, and how: What action students should perform Where students should be within the classroom…

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Tips for Preschool Teachers | Performance Prep

by Susan Bennett Tip 1 Preschool encompasses a wide age range, from children in diapers to kids soon entering kindergarten. As your older students prepare for competitions and recitals, make sure to consider what type of performance might suit your preschoolers’ developmental needs, as well as the needs of their families and your studio. Consider…

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