Tips for Special-Needs Teachers

Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Fostering Motor Skills

by Tricia Gomez Let’s tackle motor skills for our ongoing discussion of the five developmental domains (cognitive, motor, self-help, social/emotional, and communication). Students with special needs often have significant delays in the motor domain, which includes both fine and gross motor skills. Focusing on motor skill development in dance class can make a profound difference…

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Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Social and Emotional Learning

by Tricia Gomez Let’s talk about the social/emotional developmental domain. (The five developmental domains are cognitive, motor, self-help, social/emotional, and communication.) Kids with autism tend to struggle with social situations. They fail to pick up subtle cues such as lack of interest, and they often understand words literally, missing inferred meanings (in jokes, for example).…

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Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Communication: Receptive & Expressive Language

by Tricia Gomez Tip 1 Most special-needs students are in therapy and/or working with an individualized education program (IEP) in school. Their goals will fall into one or more of five developmental domains: cognitive, motor, self-help, social/emotional, and communication. Whether you’re teaching a special-needs class or have one student with learning differences, understanding these domains—and…

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