Wearing It Well

Wearing It Well | Curtain Call on the Art of the Catalog

Curtain Call on the Art of the Catalog by Karen White It’s a moment that never fails to work its magic. Your favorite costume catalog has arrived! Sure, weeks (or months) from now, making final decisions and fitting sizes might be frustrating, but right now, as you flip through the crisp new catalog, all you…

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Wearing It Well | Costume Sizing With A Wish Come True

by Karen White Costume day can be the best of days—so many jubilant students! But if the costumes don’t fit, it can become the worst day. Students are sad, parents are frustrated, and studio owners face the nail-biting uncertainty of getting the right sizes in time for the recital. Erika Duszny, product development manager at…

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Wearing It Well | By Design With Lauren Weissman

by Karen White How do you design a dance costume? First, you listen. “When I started attending trade shows,” says Lauren Weissman, “all the teachers were saying, ‘My parents are driving me crazy because the kids are complaining about all these sequins under the arms.’ ” Apparently, company designers had been outlining costume armholes with…

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