Competition Zone

Competition Zone | A New Awareness of Age-Appropriateness

A New Awareness of Age-Appropriateness by Karen White Is it possible that age-inappropriate competition entries are losing their appeal? Caron Moore, founder and director of Encore Performing Arts Showcase, thinks so. “I feel that during the last two seasons, the sensationalism surrounding provocative routines is down,” she says. “There isn’t the same shock value.” Moore…

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Competition Zone: Artistry With Cathy Roe

  Artistry With Cathy Roe by Karen White Stereotypes feed the general public’s perception of dance competitions as overloud events with underwhelming dance. But those of us who spend the majority of our spring weekends staring at one competition stage or another know that when we least expect it, art happens. It can be a…

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July 2017 | Competition Zone

In the groove with Daniel De Franco by Karen White As if Rutgers University wasn’t tough enough, marketing and economics student Daniel DeFranco complicated his senior year schedule by founding a dance competition. Six years later, as Groove Dance Competition and Convention CEO, DeFranco’s still crazy busy. “This job—it’s never boring. It’s exciting, emotional, rewarding,”…

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